I was wondering the streets of Edmonton in the wee hours of the morning looking for coffee and entertainment. These coffee-maker-thingies are SO cool!!!!

I get so messed up by time differences, even when it’s only 2 hours. I was up at about 5am (thinking it was 7) and took a shower, worked on F&S and a clients site, and then when I thought it was 8am realized it was only 6. (waaaaah!). That’s when I put on my walking shoes and headed out. Thanks to google maps I found an open coffee shop and just hung out there for a bit.

Today was a fun, busy day. Lots of family, fun, and partying. The blushing couple even had a pre-wedding-day party which was a huge success!

My primary emotions at the time of this photo was glee (I got a message saying that people were awake!).