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John’s primary goal was to a build a website that would build free leads for him, forever. His secondary goal was to create a brand and a website that could be sold one day.

In order to help his achieve his goals we a) rebranded his business to “East End Toronto Homes” to focus on the communities around the beaches and b)  created high-quality, niche-focused content which included local listings and blog content.  It was also designed to include call-to-actions on every page and opportunities for people to receive useful information once signing up for his email list.  The website continues to get several leads every month. 

7 years later, in 2015, his dream became a reality. Within 2 years of starting on this project he was getting a steady stream of leads through his website site. Then, when he retired as a real estate agent he sold his website and started a new business selling beach supplies and travelling the world doing what he loves – SUP’ing.

““Susanna designed my website and gave me the guidance and support I needed to become one of the top 5 real estate blogs in Toronto, in 2015. Thanks to her diligent work I was able to sell my lead-generating real estate website after retiring from the business. I have since built a flourishing business thanks to so much of the advice she shared with me along the way.”

John Helfrich

Realtor, East End Toronto Homes

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