Flynn & Sage

Ecommerce Website Design, Branding, social media, facebook advertising,
And Content Management

As the co-owner, designer, and marketing strategist for this new startup I face a lot of the same challenges as other entrepreneurs adding an additional property to their business portfolio. Some of these include low capital, low brand-recognition and limited resources (time and money).

The strategy I am working with has had to reflect my design skills and online marketing experience, as well my business partners tech-savvy nature. For example, the website uses the free and very flexible Woocommerce platform which we are both able to manage.

The lead generation strategy focuses on Facebook Advertising and uses social media and content marketing to position ourselves as an authority to our clients, leads and their friends. 

One of our first Facebook campaigns resulted in 50 new leads and continues to grow steadily every month, while our nurture campaign continues to work towards turning them into long time clients.

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