Jamie McHardy

Website Design & Social Media

Jamie liked the way that his website looked, but he didn’t like always having to update WordPress Plugins. He found it stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. He also wanted ahis website to start capturing leads was looking to improve and create some consistency with his social media. Seeing as he was a new dad with two businesses he was finding it hard pay enough attention to Facebook and Twitter. 

Based on his goals we decided that we would switch to Weebly but keep his general look look and feel. In the process we added a call-to-action at the top of every page.

We also started a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook. We started with approx. 5 posts a week and eventually reduced it 1-2 posts per week.  All of the posts represented his personality and values and branding. His following has grown in both accounts, he gets more interaction with home buyers and the media, and is growing his team.

“Susanna has been helping me with social media since April 2016. With only a few hours of work per month, she has grown my followings and improved engagement. I very much enjoy working with her and value her suggestions about other ways we can grow my business with digital marketing. I like to call her my secret weapon.” Jamie McHardy

Realtor, Realty Network 100

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