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Website Redesign Using Weebly – 2016

When Deborah purchased this business, the old website came with it. The design was outdated and the system that it was built on was very complex. She struggled with trying to redesign a new site for herself, but with little time and knowledge she hit a road-block. We talked about her clients, her desires for a simple-to-manage website, and long-term goals. I made it my goal to give her what she wanted, plus more signups to her email list. The result – a new website on Weebly that her clients love and the confidence to make simple updates to her own site + at least 4x more email signups each and every month!

“We love the website Susanna designed for us! The style is modern, on trend, easy to navigate and made signing up for our mailing list accessible on every page.  We were impressed in how she was able to accurately express our ideas on how we wanted it to look and we are beyond thrilled at being able to edit our own website finally!”
~ Deborah, Owner @ Mountain Beauty Supply.


Owner, Mountain Beauty

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