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Hi, I'm Susanna. I help coaches and online experts find the clarity to attract their dream clients, be courageous enough to do what they love, and have the confidence to be themselves so that they stand out as a trusted personal brand.

Are You Struggling To Connect With Your Dream Client, Give Them Exactly What They Want, And Be The Go-To Choice For Them Every Time?

By Susanna Miles, February 2018

When making the decision to grow this business last year I desperately wanted a formula for those 3 things! They were the biggest complaints I'd hear (and continue to hear!) from other coaches and online experts trying to build a personal brands. Even from those with lots of success and big followings

And I'm going to be 100% truthful with you - I didn't know how to help. It was something I struggled with too. And the case study I share above - the one with 900% conversation rate increase ... Well, she could have grown 20x more if we had the answer to this!

To be honest, it's not our fault though. Most people struggle with it. And I want you to know that there IS a reason. One that is largely out of our control...

I've learned a lot about why that is this past year, and I'm going to share what I learned with you right here, right now!

Hi... I'm Susanna Miles. 

I'm a lifetime-entrepreneur and have spent years studying and trying-out what the great online marketers do. And while I did, I was and experiencing the same information overload (+ups and downs) that you are! 

All the fancy words and concepts are awesome and eye-opening. But eventually it jumbles together and our ability to make a decision and take action (with confidence!) seems to slip away.

Sometimes, I found that my clients and I would lose track of what we were good at. When you do, you end up not doing anything. And you feel stuck and desperate to figure out how it all connects, for you

So as I embarked on my new business, all I wanted to do was create a SIMPLE, SYSTEMIZED way for my clients and I to connect the dots. 

And I did!!!

It was a sunny winter afternoon, right after a discovery call (about this very topic!), that the dots started coming together. I was wiping spilled tea off of the brainstorming pad I was writing in when I finally got it

I realized that there are 3 pillars to online marketing

And when you use them correctly, they work together to build genuine relationships, trust, and authority. And it does it in a way that is easier than any system I've ever tried! 

They also help us sell in a way that feels more like gifting than selling!

I call it the PEP Framework! 

I've been testing it with everyone I could for almost 12 months. Now, I want to share it with you (for free)! Here's what it's helped my clients and I do. And hope it will help you do to!

  • Create a personal brand that the right people fall in love with
  • Start taking action with clarity, calm, and confidence.
  • Implement a sales process that feels natural, easy, and 100% authentic
  • Decide what content you need to share in emails, sales copy, social media posts. And what to put on your website!
  • Reconnect with your passion, mission, and talents.

If you're business needs new life, you want to ditch the overwhelm, and you want business to be fun again, I want you to try this framework too!!! Just click the button below and you'll be on your way!

What Others Say


Just wanted to say thank you to Susanna for helping me get my lead magnet rearranged. It was so helpful to get her advice and feedback about alternatives and how to organize my offers.

Jonathon Wall
WordPress Expert


I have no idea how I could have gotten my website or diet plan program up and running without Susanna. She has held my hand through it all! 

Lina Mockus


Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom for all these years! What a difference it's made in my business - and my life!

John Helfrich
DropShip Sales