A great Brand Starts On The Inside

Let me help you find out who you are, what makes you special, and then help you build a wildly successful and stand-out brand based on that.

Because you know what ... you don't have to do it on your own! 

But are you

held back because...

You choose to hold up a light to help others shine instead. 

You are being what you think you should be.

You can't help but feel self indulgent or greedy.

You're afraid of having to give up your love for beauty and style for efficiencies.

You don't even know how to explain or visually show people what makes you unique.

But to grow your business you know that needs to change!

Well this is what you need to know about that...

...It's only when You Combine Individual Style with consistency That You'll Stand Out (and WANT to Stand Out

And yes, I know What You're Thinking. 
This is What's Really Important About That!

Standing-out isn't about fancy cars, flashy ads, being self-obsessed, or being an extrovert that thinks you're gods gift.

The truth is that you stand out when people consistently feel like you hear them, understand them, and know exactly how to help them.

I call this the consistency triad.
And it's magic is in its ability to help you step into the spotlight and sell!

Because it's when you show-up consistently, have your individual style,  and have messaging that consistently "hits the mark" that people will be drawn to everything you say and do.

This is what that means to you...

Have a beautiful brand that also converts like crazy!

> because individually-you and optimized design is the the most powerful weapon

Stand-out even if you aren't a wild extrovert.

> because you are more interesting than a carbon copy.

Love style and beauty as much as making money, authenticity, and being genuine.

> because why not?! I'm sure Chanel loved making money too!

I am a brand strategist, website and funnel designer, and conversion optimization coach. 

My unique, one-of-a-kind empathy-based approach to branding and marketing combines my 20 year freelance career in digital marketing and design, as well as my entrepreneurial careers in the fashion, wellness, and beauty industries.

I work with coaches, online service providers, beauty pros, and wellness practitioners to achieve more clarity, confidence and cash with funnel, website, customer journey, and design optimization.

Ready To Create A Stand-Out Brand?



Do You Wish You Could Take Selfies That Looked Like Professional Photos?

...But Think You Need To Be An Extroverted Supermodel With Killer Photography Skills And A Fabulous Space?!

Well... the Selfie Upgrade Challenge can show you how without all that! It is a fun, no-brainer digital course on how to take selfies (that don't necessarily look like selfies) for your business, with just your cell phone!



Do you wish you Could Design Something That Looks Nice And Feels Like You?

This course breaks down the 6 elements of design in a simple step-by-step way and explains how to craft an authentic, stand-out brand.

By the end, you will be able to craft a fabulous brand from scratch or customize a template that will be 100% you.  


Brand Clarity Sessions

This is for you if you're lost about what your brand is about,  what sets you apart, and how to create a concise online presence that people can't forget.


Marketing Strategy Intensives

This is for you if have a million ideas but aren't sure how to put them all together into one,  amazing strategy that actually makes sense and works?


Website And Funnel Design 

Do you have a proven product or service and need someone to help you create a one-of-kind website that you LOVE and converts even more? If so, this is for you?


Conversion Optimization Coaching

This is for you if you are getting traffic organically or from ads but not converting and you need someone to help you look at the stats and tell you how to fix it.

KathelEn Had A Marketing Strategy Session

She loves how we created lots of creative and strategic ideas in a short period of time.

"As a professional marketing copywriter, I find it so easy to sell my clients...yet sometimes it's so hard to sell myself in a systematic and organized way. I was struggling to come up with a lead magnet idea to market my case history writing service.

Within literally 20 minutes, Susanna helped me brainstorm not one, but three different ideas, all of which are winners. It's a pleasure to work with an expert who can cut through the clutter and zero in on what's going to make you money."

Kathleen Hanover

Marketing & PR Strategist

The Must-Have

Perfect homepage Checklist

Create a homepage that gives them clarity about what you can do for them, the excitement to get started, and converts like crazy.

Some Of The Stand Out Brands I've Worked With

Skin Care Brand

Logo, Website, Labels, Product Photography, Content Strategy


DIY Skin Care Blog

Logo, Website, Content Strategy, and Lead Generation Strategy



Natural Bamboo Bedding

Website, Content

Skin Care Brand

Logo, Website, Labels, Content, and Product Photography

Beauty Wholesale And Retail


Diet Plan Member Site

Logo, Website, Content Offer Strategy

Wedding Blog

Logo, Website, Content Strategy, and Lead Generation Strategy

Stephanie loves that I can help simplify complex ideas and marketing concepts and just let her be herself!

"Susanna is able to translate what the issue is into something real people can actually relate to. I'm serious, so much of marketing is just over my head, but when I hear her talk about it, I'm like, oh yeah- that's what that means!

You're a ray of sunshine for so many who have good ideas but are afraid to step into the light. Marketing is scary and you are like a friend willing to hold our hands until we get it."

Stephanie Bryan


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