Let's Find The Heart Of Your Brand, Then Bring It To life Online

Design, Copy And Marketing For Small Brands.

Hi, I'm Susanna

I help small brands create their strategy, identify their strengths, establish goals, and get results.

When I work with you, I thoroughly dive into your business in order to build an effective brand that feels right to you, stands out from the crowd, and drives business forward.

My promise has always been to deliver an impactful and memorable experience using words, pictures, and strategy to drive leads, boost sales, and increase brand awareness!

Let me tell you how I can do that for you ...

This is How I can Help

My goal is to help small brands and entrepreneurs develop their businesses in an engaging, authentic, and original way.  In order to help, I offer coaching/consulting, courses, and products. Read on to find out more.

1-1 Services

I work with startups, eCommerce stores, freelancers, coaches, and restaurants to grow revenue through optimized websites and online marketing services.

My secret sauce: I have a wide range of hands-on experience. This allows me to combine design, copy, and marketing strategies.


My courses help small brands implement the fundamentals of marketing - on a budget. The skills they provide help you establish your brand, design marketing materials, and reach your target audience.

One of my secrets: I am great at illustrating what I'm teaching with real-world examples.


"Mindflows" are planners and productivity tools designed to help people with ADHD and executive function challenges manage their time and focus.

My secret sauce: My background in information architecture, interest in color and design psychology, and experience as an ADHD entrepreneur gives me a unique perspective and approach.

What I do with my 1-1 clients

As part of any project, I learn about your business, what services or products you offer, and why it would appeal to your target audience.  I have found that a well-thought-out outline makes everything that follows after it run more smoothly.

Clarity & Productivity

"...With Susanna's help, and especially through her highly organized process I was able to organize, find the problem I solve in my services and frame the work I do in a real and helpful manner."

Stephanie B.


Funnel Design & Copy

Remember that lead funnel we worked so hard on together? I just checked the stats and it's converting at 24.75%."

Mary G.

Business Consultant

Branding & Design

"Susanna helped me create a vision and brand that I didn't even know could exist! Her talent is supberb. I noticed that my burden had lifted and my confidence has increased since working with her."

Carrie C.

Organizer & Grief Coach

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