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February 9, 2021

You know I’m all about style, simplicity, and standing out online. But there’s a reason I’m so passionate about this!

In this show, I explain why. I also focus on the 3 of the big things that made it insanely hard to grow a business that stood out, wasn’t overly-complex, and looked fantastic.

It was liberating when I finally figured this out. So if you feel like you’re a dog chasing its tail all the time, I hope that you get something out of this!

You can watch the video or scroll below for a text summary.

3 Really Dumb Things That Will Make It Impossible Grow A Successful Business

1) I Didn’t TOTALLY Commit

I had an incredible niche. But because I was shy, afraid to commit, and wanted everyone to like me/my blog, it got watered down. It also meant that people who were excited to find me quickly lost interest because I wasn’t delivering what I promised.

This also made it impossible to make decisions, which meant that I never completed a whole funnel.

2) Designed Everything From Scratch

Back then, I didn’t think I could call myself a designer unless I created everything from scratch and by myself.

Now I understand that if I had used templates (at least for a starting point) or took a course, I would have grown and improved so much faster.

{creating websites, funnels, and sales pages are hard enough without having to learn design and tech from scratch… and then design. whatever you can do to make it easier, DO}

3) I Wasn’t Part Of My Brand

I don’t even think I included a picture of me for a profile picture. I was also too afraid to share my story and the passion behind my blog. NOT doing this made me unmemorable.

Now what?

If you feel you might be struggling and haven’t watched the video, what it. I go into more detail and it may spark some ideas and solutions for you.

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