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February 15, 2021

If you want a successful business, finishing what you start is essential.

And yes, this is hard for everyone. But if you’re a creative thinker, it can feel impossible.

So if you’re like most creative-thinkers, it’s very likely you’ve had more than one amazing that could seriously change the world.

…Then when it’s halfway done (or when you finally make it to the marketing stage), you’re ready for the next thing.

It’s part of why it took me so long to launch the selfie upgrade course.

Who can relate?!

If so, watch the video or scroll below it to learn about three simple things that can help you finish what you start.

3 Ways To Finish What You Start More Quickly: For Coaches, service providers, and course creators that are creative-thinkers.

1. Self Acceptance

The one thing that has helped me the most is accepting that that’s just the way I am.

Because of that, I now strive for variety.

It sounds cliche, and maybe even simple. But, if you don’t accept yourself, you’re probably forcing yourself (consciously or subconsciously) to do things that are making things harder for you.

Self-acceptance in branding is one of the topics I have on my editorial schedule for next month, so make sure to tune-in if this is an issue you have too.

I believe it’s one of the biggest problems and I’m making it my mission to help people accept themselves and create a brilliant brand that stands out because of it.

2. Batching

The second is something I talked about a bit last week – batching.

Basically, by batching things together and focusing on them for at least an entire day (but ideally up to a week), I win in two ways.

The first – I am not getting distracted, I get to sit in boredom where creativity often happens, and I can get done in a few days to a week what would typically take months.

And the second is that there’s a variety. I’m not getting overly bored, and I know that doing this one thing is temporary. That’s how I can enjoy that space in boredom that can fuel creativity.

It allows me to enjoy what I’m doing – because I do genuinely like every part of what I do… except for marketing bookkeeping… instead of thinking, “omg. Is this my life. FOREVER. Shoot me now!”.

3. Templates, Prompts, and Re-useable Processes

The other thing that has helped on the speed-front is using processes, templates, and prompts.

This is something else I have mentioned before. But I want to explain it a bit more today.

Having a process to start with – even if I tweak it – is so much better than starting from scratch.

As creative-thinkers, we can feel like cheats or even feel ashamed about starting with something else created by someone else. AND… since that’s what a lot of creative-thinkers find fun, it can also be a bit of a bummer.

But you know what – that is the opposite of what it is.

If anything, it frees you to be even more creative and have even more fun with it.

It also helps you finish more quickly and easily, which means there are going to be fewer bummers along the way 😀

That was the purpose of the Facebook Funnel Kit, which I launched last week, which you can still get by going here.

It’s also the purpose of the Fancy Funnel Kit (which I’m launching next week) and will include the FB funnel kit AND some other things to help you get your ideas into a funnel quickly.

… Or more important, move onto the next idea ASAP.

Now what?

The message in this post is to get your ideas out quickly. So, I guess the important thing for you to do right now is figure out what working style works best for you, then let yourself do it.

It’ll take a lot of trial and error. But once you find an approach you’ll know. And instead of looking for ways to be organized, you’ll be focused on perfecting your method (which is a lot more fun!).

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