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What You'll Get Out Of This Free Workshop:

  • How To Create An All-Powerful  Heart-Mind Connection With Your Business
  • How To Get Paid For Your Proposals (Like My Clients And I have Done)
  • How To Connect The Dots Between You, Your Brand, And Your Offers
  • How To Become Competition-Proof  - And No, It’s Not By Being An Expert!
  • How To Ditch The Algorithm Stress Once And For All
  • The One Thing That Will Elevate Your Status And Rates Overnight!
  • How To Be More Decisive In Your Business
  • How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Recurring Income (like a course)
  • How To Get Paid For Your Proposals (Like My Clients And I)
  • How To Connect The Dots Between You, Your Brand, And Your Offers
  • How To Become Competition-Proof  - And It’s Not By Being An Expert!

About Your Host Susanna Miles

As a digital marketer since 2007 I have worked as a blogger, adwords manager and designer. 

During this time I have learned what works and what doesn't, and now I want to show you the tips and tricks that no one else is!

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