Get The 3 Part Plan That Helped Me 4X My Rates And Do More Of What I Love!

...So That You Can Too!

This is for you if you answer YES to any of these things:

  • Do you find that you're working way too many hours and that $100/hr rate feels more like $10/hr?  And it's just not sustainable or acceptable to you anymore!!!
  • Are your clients treating you more like an employee than a strategic partner? And you're ready to be treated (and paid!) like the expert you are. 
  • Are you struggling soooooo much deciding which direction to go in next? And you're and frustrated and overwhelmed and tired of being stressed about it!

Hi, I'm Susanna... the 3-part outline that I'm sharing  with you helped me make these shifts literally overnight ... and  I have been helping my clients do the same ever since. Today, I want to show you how you can do it too!

This Is What You'll Be Able To Do After This Training

My story about making others very rich for something crazy like a $1,200 ecomm- member site is  dramatic. But it's also a good example of what's happening to B2B service providers online. And you know what... it's not fair at all.

Well... that ends now! Start using this simple 3-step online marketing plan to create your own one-of-a-kind plan to command your worth, TODAY! 

  • ​Make sure $100/hr is actually $100/hr!
  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights... and hello to clarity and a heart-mind connection with your business.  
  • Start working with people who respect your contribution and pay you very well for it!  

Create YOUR Plan. Get Paid Your Worth! 

It's That Simple And It Starts Now

I'm Susanna and I'll be your host for this training.  I'm really excited to help you bust the overwhelm that's keeping you paralyzed, create a plan that will  4x you rates, and show you how to start actually loving your business

The training will start in: