Start GETTING PAID MORE and working less

Using My 3-Part Marketing Plan That Helped Me 4X My Rates Overnight... While Doing What I Love!

Have you ever felt like you wanted to give up on your business or dreams for your business... BUT the alternative, made you sick! And you know deep down that you're meant for more?

  • You're so over the "vampire-clients" that don't appreciate you and suck away at your self-confidence and take, take, take...
  • You just want to scream sometimes because you're not getting paid nearly enough for what you do by people who you help make WAAAAYYY more than you. But a lot of them still complain! And make you feel like YOU'RE the one taking advantage of THEM. (wth right!)
  • You're mind is soooo cluttered with information and you have no idea how to make sense of everything you know and want to do. Trying to write it out just isn't working! 
  • You're absolutely overwhelmed because you have so many ideas and have no clue how to make them all fit together in your message, brand, and products. 
  • And you feel like it's pointless to even think about it or try because you're way to busy with client work anyways. And even though you're more than motivated, you never to seem to get around to figuring it all for YOU.
  • And you are really, really tired of working day and night and feeling like you're getting farther away from what you love, and what matters!

But really... You wish that you could have just one, single carefree weekend.

Maybe a stress-free wine-night-out with your favorite girlfriends, a guilt-free tea date with mom, or a relaxed day at the park with a loved one or your kids.

What do you think would need to change about your business to get that?

  • A real vision for your business. Like - a MISSION that drives you, keeps you motivated, and helps you make sense of it all?
  • Something, ANYTHING that will help you get all of your ideas to fit together!
  • Someone to help you write copy that REALLY speaks to your ideal customer?
  • Some awesome content and campaigns and how to create them, without spending a million hours on it everyday?
  • Better clients... or at least clients that are a better fit for YOU?
  • Clarity around who you want to serve ... and what you can do for them?
  • Maybe even a funnel! One that gave you some automated income ... or even just leads?
  • What about someone to kick your butt when you let your fear or limiting beliefs rule your life?

I Want to help you Take Control Of Your Business And Your life!

I get it... You've had a great start - You're making you SOME money. Some months have even been epic money-wise! But ... something is getting lost and it's not quite what you want it to be on so many levels. The crazy hours, crappy clients and crappy pay ... well... it's getting to you.

 And so is not living up to your potential. 

  • You want to be one of those people who works less, but gets paid more
  • You would die for some hardcore clarity around who you want to serve ... and what you can do for them - that's in line with your talents and passions!
  • You want to get perfect clients not just because that would be awesome... but because you know that will lead to referrals from more perfect clients!
  • And you wouldn't complain if your messaging and niche was so tight that the wrong people didn't even bother contacting you. That way, you wouldn't even have to waste your time on a sales call or feel obligated to give free advice (ughk... there are so many conflicting feelings about this aren't there!).

Are you ready to be the master of your own destiny?


Are you really... REALLY 100% DONE with where you're at now? 

Done with coasting and letting life happen TO you. Instead of taking it by the horns and saying "Yo! LIFE... This is what I want... Now give it to me!"

If so..

Welcome to the "Clarity, Confidence And Cash Program"

A 12 Week, 1:1, DIWU Program that will help you do a 360 with your digital marketing practice.

We use the 3-part marketing plan you learned about in my free masterclass to make a plan for YOUR business to get the clarity and confidence to build the business (and life) of your dreams ... and the financial freedom you want so badly too!

Module 1:

Brand Vibe Mastery


Get clear on your brand vibe - the essence of your brand.

  • The perfect Avatar  - the perfect person for YOU to serve, and a super deep understanding of their needs and desires.
  • Your Brand Persona - how YOU stand out, and why people will want to work with you.
  • An over-arching vision to help you keep on track and channel your ideas and message to the same place.
  • Market research to give you confidence and clarity about the direction you've settled on.
  • An elevator pitch so that you can succinctly explain to people what you do (so they know if you're a fit!)
  • Worksheets and 1-1 hash-it-out coaching calls to help guide you through the process of figuring it all out.
  • Your very own Brand Messaging Bible so that you have something neat, organized, and clear to go back to when you get confused, lost or need a "bible" to guide you through decisions.

Module 2: 

Monetization Mastery

4 weeks

Get clear on your ideas and create an offer strategy out of them

  • The Brain Dump: We will brainstorm all of your product ideas 
  • The Perfect Customer Journey: We will figure out where all of your ideas fit into the value ladder using the 7 Part Formula that I created based on what all the big names marketers are doing.
  • The Outcome: We will look at your client avatar, decide where you will take them ... and then exactly what you need to do do to get them there.
  • Worksheets and 1-1 hash-it-out sessions: to help you organize your ideas and put them all into a plan that feels good, and is doable.
  • Your Funnel Plan: We will look at the 3  main funnel types and decide which one works best for you and the offer you want to present.  

Module 3: 

Content Marketing Mastery

4 weeks

Put a 3-month content plan in place to start building awareness, and promoting your funnel and offer from Module 2.

  • We will use the PEP framework to you master the 3 pillars of online communication for your content strategy.
  • Personal Brand Building: We will create 3 months of branded social media content that will position you as a likeable, authentic authority to your target market.
  • Traffic: We will create a promotional plan to sell and promote your offer.
  • Nurture Marketing: We will write emails to onboard new leads and keep them interested.
  • Templates, Workseets and 1-1 hash-it-out sessions to help you create the content you need for your marketing plan

About Me

Hi! I'm Susanna... I'm a wife, daughter, sister, in-law, friend, aunt, and a cat parent to two goofy, furry girls. I'm also a digital marketing and branding coach

I help personal brands with digital marketing practices find the clarity to plan for a business they love! And the confidence and courage to actually go do it! 

I have worked online since 2007 - as an ads manager at an agency, a blogger, ecommerce marketer, designer, and social media manager.

I have  struggled with living small due to poor self esteem. And struggled with that as a result of not knowing how to deal with business "failures".  

....but what I learned is that all of those experiences have made me the well-rounded digital marketer who can understand and look a business and its marketing plan from different angles. And to see solutions a lot of specialists might not. 

I have clawed my way up from nothing, most recently in my 40's.  And have done so more than once. 
--- So if you're there, we'll understand eachother! 

I have multiple business successes under my belt too! Like...

  • Making someone $90K in 6 months.
  • Helping someone become one of the top 10 real estate blogs in a city of 4 million.
  • Consistent, 40% lead magnet conversion rates.
  • Adwords campaigns that always ran on a healthy, positive ROI.
  • Increasing sales by over 900%.
  • Growing multiple social media accounts to over 1000 people with 0 ad spend.
  • Attracting up to 1,000 people a day to a mom-and-pop blog.
  • and so much more ....

I draw on my experience, my understanding that you can be good at what you do but still feel unqualified and unable to attract the right people. 

Maybe even too afraid or insecure to demand what you're worth. ...Because a small, small part of you is afraid you’re not good enough.

And That All Changes By Clicking Below

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Is there a specific start date, or can I start anytime?

What if something happens and I can't finish?

How do we meet? And How often?

Why do we only meet 10 times over 12 weeks?

How do I know if this will help me?

What do I do between meetings if I need help?

How do we stay organized and on track?

What if I no longer want to provider a service? What if I want to be a coach or offer a course?

What kind funnel or offer-ladder will we create?

Why are you qualified Susanna?

What do I do after our time together? 

What if I'm a Multipotentialite or have ADD or suffer from major Squirrel Syndrome?

I'm REALLY busy, will I have time for this? How much time is involved

Is this JUST about planning? Do I take action? 


The decision is now.

I Know It Can Be Exciting To Be a Part Of Something Like This. But Also a Bit Overwhelming Too!

It's easy to look at where you've been, what you haven't done, or how others have treated you and feel consumed with self doubt

It's also really normal to feel overwhelmed - not just by the everyday work you're doing, but how to start doing more of what you want - while at the same time making more money doing it.

And if you're making a living ... even if it's driving you mad ... it can be really hard to make a change, and add something else to your roster that might overwhelm you ever more. 

And for those of you who are really, REALLY ready to take the leap... I want to make this as easy as possible for you. 

Here are some special bonuses I've put together if you decide to buy in the next 24 hours.

  • BONUS 1: Free 1-1 Leaky Website Audit Intensive within 6 months of your purchase date.  Value: $597
  • BONUS 2: 2 free Lifeline sessions to be used anytime within 6 months of your purchase date.  Value: $497
  • BONUS 3: free access to a managed accountability group with your peers and I. Value: $997

Are you ready to be the master of your own destiny?

Value: $6,997

$3,000 USD

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