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Once you've decided on a funnel strategy, you need to build them! This share 60+ design and usability best practices for a high-converting pages on your website - from funnels, the opt-in-pages, upsells and more! This GIVES ALL THEM TO YOU, in checklist form!

  • Find the conversion-sucking holes in YOUR site
  • Make the changes quickly, easily, and efficiently
  • Focus on the changes that are proven to work

What ​is the "Ulitmate Checklist For A 6-Figure Business Website"?

The "Ultimate Checklist For A 6-Figure Business Website" is a collection of 13 simple and easy-to-follow checklists that will help you scale-up your site and improve conversions quickly, affordably, and with confidence!

I grew this collection of essential checklists after taking several courses, joining multiple memberships, and reading a ton of blogs posts by the top online marketers - and applying it all to my own blogs and client websites to to find out what worked the best!

That took YEARS though!  Instead, use this step-by-style approach so that you can start s​eeing results every time you finish a checklist!

This is EXACTLY what you get:

13 Checklists For Every Part Of Your Site (Bundled For Savings!)

Start making more money, more quickly with advice for every single part of your website - from your home page to your checkout pages and for branding, readability, and everything in between! 

Say "NO!" to hours upon hours of guessing and searching for what you should be doing.  

This will help you focus on the important things, and to get it done right - and FAST. 

Advice You Can Trust - Inspired By The Best Online Marketers Out There

Feel confident that you're going to be applying stuff that is being taught by the top online marketers! 

Seriously... I didn't just pull this stuff out of my wa'hoo!

It's based on what I applied to my business and my clients' from the teachings of the greatest online marketing minds - like the folks at Digital Marketer, Sitesell, James Wedmore, Tara Gentile, Neil Patel, and Russel Brunson (to mention a few).  

And I'm definitely not the only one who has had success applying their teachings. So, you will too! Just for less than money than most, and more quickly too!

A PDF That You Print It Out -  So It's Easy To See Your Progress At A Glance

Stop guessing about what you have and have not done. Just do it, check it off, then move on to the next item.  See your conversions improve as you complete each section.

So ditch the post-its and all those messy lists! This was designed so that you can print it out and work on one-section-at-a-time.

"Progress is pleasure". Especially when it leads to more money!

Only $37

{Valued at $97 when sold separately}

"These checklists made it so easy to know exactly what I needed to do make my site work better. I made changes slowly, over time - going over one checklist a time. Each and every time I finished a section I noticed an improvement in my conversions. It was so gratifying! And it was a huge relief not having to hunt around trying to figure out what to do, and how to do it right.

Lina Mockus - Naturopathic Doctor

The 13 Powerful Checklist Included In The Six Figure Website Checklist

These 13 checklists summarize the best practices for every part of your site. It's based on what I learned and from the top marketers, and then implemented!

Take it one-step at a time, feel confident that your using your time wisely, and see your conversions improve as you make changes!

Here are the 13 checklists you get:

  • Optin Box Checklist: Where to put them, how many per page, and what types!
  • Navigation Checklist The right words to use in your navigation, how big to make it, and where else to put these top menu items.
  • Readability Checklist:  How to format your headlines and paragraphs, how to make your content readable, and how to guide people through your content to see what you want them to!
  • Color Checklist: The top high-converting colors, the best text color, and how many colors you should use on a page.
  • Font Checklist: What font size and row height is best, the ideal fonts for headings and body text, and the maximum number of fonts you should use.  
  • Dot Circle
    Image Checklist: How to get images to look good in any theme, how to make text readable over images and why mobile is so important!
  • Dot Circle
    Branding Checklist: How to make sure your website matches your branding.
  • Header and Footer Checklist: How to set up up your headers and footers to keep people on your site and to create trust and authority.
  • Dot Circle
    Home Page Checklist: Where to include optins on your home page, what content to include, how to keep your home page neat and easy for people to navigate. 
  • Dot Circle
    Blog Post Checklist: How to make sure people read all of your content, and how to get more leads from your posts.
  • Dot Circle
    Landing Page Checklist: What to include on your landing pages, how to lay them out to make deciding easy, 
  • Dot Circle
    Checkout Page Checklist: How to reduce cart abandonment, what you must and must-not include on these pages.
  • Dot Circle
    Thank You/Upsell Page Checklist: How to get upells when saying thank you for a purchase, what to include and not include on these pages, and how to format them.

Only $37

{Valued at $97 when sold separately}

About the creator of this checklist

Susanna is an online marketing coach who has learned the art of strategic online marketing while working as a designer,  entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, blogger, Adwords manager, and social media manager.  

It is with great design rooted in smart marketing that she helps wellness and creative professionals improve their websites with a step-by-step approach that provides clarity and calm approach to creating a site that ultimately results in YOU getting more out of the internet!

Stop Wasting Time! Stop Stressing About What You're Doing Wrong. Stop Bouncing Around From This Guru And That.
THIS CHECKLIST breaks Down All Of Their Best Advice In One Convenient Place, That's SO Easy To Follow Too!

Clarity & Confidence

When you get all of the pieces of your site right it isn't just good for customers. It's good for you too!

When you have clarity and confidence in what you offer it becomes so much easier to sell!

A Stronger Brand

As you start checking off the items on this checklist you'll find that it helps you create a stronger brand.

With a stronger brand comes authority, more direct traffic, and more sales!


If you have easy-to-read content and an organized site people are actually going to be able to see read and understand what you offer.

With that comes higher conversion rates, and very loyal following.

Only $37

When Sold Separately $97

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