... but struggle to understand what makes a good funnel so good ? Do you need some inspiration - without spending hours upon hours doing all of the crazy research yourself?!  

To help, I'm sharing my very own google docs worksheet based on the MANY hours I spent documenting some incredibly good funnels for my own research.

If you want to gain access to this worksheet click on the link below and I'll give you immediate access.

The Queen Of The List

Hi! I'm Susanna, a digital designer and strategist. I'm also the queen of this list.

I have worked as a web-based entrepreneur since 2006: I've been a web designer, niche-marketer and content marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, Adwords manager, SEO consultant, and social media manager.

This worksheet started as a way to help me sort out my own funnel  as I moved from purely DI4U work to coaching, consulting, and online courses.

The entire process has been SO helpful. But it took LOADS of time and more anal-retentive work than I'd ever want to admit to.

...Sharing with you makes me feel better about all that work. And saving you from that painstakingly boring work makes me feel pretty darn good too! 

This worksheet will help you see what offers the best are using and inspire you with some wicked funnel flows. 

It will also show you how some bigwigs have priced their offers, how they've positioned them, and how they make them irresistible.

* When you get access to the list, you'll see the structure of the funnels, the headlines, and will get links to screen caps of the pages in the funnel. You won't however get access to any of the offers or products I buy as I go through these funnels. And just to be clear - these funnels, their copy and the design is meant to inspire you and help you learn what works. They should not be copied or plagiarized as that is illegal and could get you in trouble. With that in mind, go have fun and get inspired! - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions