How To EASILY Create Fabulous Funnels In WordPress – With Only Two Tools

I have been using WordPress for almost 8 years and the biggest and most annoying problem I’ve had with it (until recently) is that I wasn’t able to build funnels with it. At least not really good, really effective funnels.

That’s why other funnel-building platforms were birthed.

If you asked me last year I would have told you to use one of them if you wanted to create some serious funnels. But after some recent updates and new tools I can FINALLY recommend it over all the others!!!!

And WP Isn’t just The Best because of cost either!

Yaya. I know that price is important to all of us. But that’s not the only reason to use WordPress for your funnels. Here are just a few of the other reasons.

  • If you want to have complete creative-control over your look and feel it’s the EASIEST and most flexible platform. I’ve tried the others. I actually do every 6-12 months and keep coming back to WordPress. You don’t even have to be a wizz to create something absolutely gorgeous! (will share some details on this below).

  • You can add functionality (an expense) as you need it. Sure, if you get EVERYTHING that the popular funnel-builders offer, the price probably will be closer to $97/mo. But, you can start out with about half of that or less if you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles.

    ….And lets face it… most people don’t need bells and whistles in the early stages.

  • You own your content! Meaning… you’re not reliant on a specific host. With WordPress you can move to another hosting provider without having to recreate all of your content. And it’ll only take 4-24 hours.

    There is no such thing as 100% uptime, but if it downtime is frequent or in some cases lengthy this can definitely become a problem. I feel for people who spend a whole lotta money on ads only to find that their site or funnel was down for hours at a time!

A lot of people are afraid building a funnel on WordPress because of all the nightmare stories – Like sites breaking because of an update, slowness, and the complexity of multiple plugins and design.

But the WordPress of today is SO different than the WordPress of yesteryear!

And if you’re still experiencing any of that stuff then you definitely need to read on!

Why A Lot Of WordPress-Fears Are Unfounded

A lot has changed with WordPress in the past couple of years.

Complexity is one of those.

Frankly, after trying most other tools I feel like they’re all a little complicated for a beginner. It’s really just a matter of committing. If you give it time, you’ll figure any of them out.

Here are some of the other things that make those fears unfounded:

  • One of the biggest changes is what they’ve done to make it more secure. So even though breaches can happen, they’re a lot easier to avoid.

  • Today there are a ton of premium plugins and page builders available to make it easier to use, more secure, and less prone to breaking.

  • There is no need to code or know HTML or CSS with WordPress anymore. The lure of page builders is a a big part of why most people left WordPress en-masse to create funnels elsewhere. But at this point, I would say that WordPress page builders (especially my favorite) is the easiest of all of them to use.
  • A lot of people would get frustrated because of sites breaking because of a plugin update. I’ll agree – that WAS really annoying. But I haven’t had a site break with an update in at least two years. This is partly because WordPress has improved in general. But also because of the premium plugins I use (which I WILL share with you below).

  • Of course it CAN be slow. But as long as you use premium plugins, set it up right, and have a good host your site should be as speedy as a Mercedes Benz! Mine is and I haven’t touched a bit of code to make that happen! If you have a premium host they’ll do this for you. Or, you can get someone on fiverr to do this for a few bucks.

Before, some of the issues around complexity, speed, and reliability were reasons I couldn’t recommend WordPress for a serious Funnel-builders. But now… NOW it is totally ready!

These are The Only 2 Tools You need For Building Funnels In WordPress

Let’s jump in… These are the two tools that will turn your WordPress Website into a LEAN, MEAN, FUNNEL-BUILDING MACHINE! 😀

1. Thrive Architect

This is a page builder that helps you design beautiful pages for your funnels. If you use Click Funnels it’s very similar to that. And IMO, a lot better.

As part of their started package ($67/year) you get Thrive Architect Page Builder + their themes, form builder for collecting emails (popups, bottom of posts, in widget, etc), countdown timers for scarcity, A/B split testing, quiz-builder, membership and course area, and more.

>>> Get More Information Here

2. Cart Flows

This helps you create sleek checkout pages and helps you organize your funnels so that you can easily find them and see which pages are related to which funnel.

It helps you do upsells, downsells, bumps, one page checkouts, conversion-friendly checkout pages, and so much more. It was designed to compete with the funnel-building alternatives to WordPress.

>>> Get More Information Here

These are The Other Obvious Tools You’ll Need To Build Funnels On WordPress

The other obvious tools you’ll need are:

  • WordPress (free)
  • If you’re selling something with your funnel you’ll need WooCommerce, Stripe, and Paypal (all free)
  • Good Hosting (approx. $20/mo)
  • Email Marketing/Automation Software ($0-$30+)

Let me calculate all of those costs for you…

In total it’s between $20-$110 per month. This includes the cost of Thrive’s entire suite of apps, Cartflows Pro , and quality hosting.

Why the $90 price-range?

The reason for the big range in pricing is because the price for premium hosting varies. PLUS some funnels don’t require ecommerce for setup.
….So, if you’re doing a simple lead-gen, list-building, webinar, or application funnel you don’t need the below items.

  • Cartflows Pro (needed for ecommerce ability) is $299/year. If however you are just doing a lead gen or webinar funnel you can use the free version of Cartflows.
  • Teachable has a free option too. But in order to access their Zapier integration – which will automagically put new customers from WordPress into Teachable – the cost is $30/mo (plus the cost of a zap). If you are willing to do it manually you could live without it too.
    …. there are also other options that don’t need Zapier. I’ve just included Teachable because it’s popular. Also because it’s free to start if you’re can manage doing it manually.
  • Premium hosts can vary from $10 – $50 per month. My favorite (listed below) is $20/month.

This is partly why I love WordPress – because you can start out at $20/month and add things on as you need to.

Usually people start asking me what I mean when I say “Good” or “Premium” Hosting at this point…. Here’s what I tell them…

What’s Good Hosting?

Most people gravitate towards GoDaddy or Bluehost or one of those other cheap hosts. Please don’t. Their 99.9% uptime is a lie. And they put your site on the same server as SO. MANY. OTHER sites which means that speed is a huge issue.
… and you never want a speed issue. But you definitely don’t if you’re running ads or a big campaign.

Instead, go with some high quality, premium WordPress Hosting.

Here are three options that I use and recommend to all of my clients.

  1. Siteground – if cost is an issue, then this is the best choice of all the lower-priced options. ($11/mo)
  2. WP Engine – if cost is less of an issue, then these guys are a good and popular option. You will get good speed and support. ($25/mo)
  3. WP Suites – This is where I host my sites. He makes my site lightening fast, deals with any issues that come up, and has a special all-in-one package for digital marketers. It’s a bit more expensive than the others, but if you need Carflows it’s part of the package. And I also get actual support to speed up my site! He’s just the best! This is more of a personal-touch hosting experience. ($20/mo)

What Now?

Now you just need to make the decision and take action with purpose so that you can get a kick-butt funnel out into the world using WordPress.

Sure… you can go with something else, but if you want ultimate flexibility, don’t want to be married to a host, and like the idea of adding features (aka costs) on as you need them then WordPress is a good choice for you.

If you’re ready to make a decision and would like some help, please join me in my Facebook group or book a discovery session so that you can get your funnel up asap!