Hurry Up And Fix Your Mindset Why Don’t You! Ideas For People Who Just can’t Seem To “Fix it” Fast enough

There is so much talk around “Mindset” these days – which is great. It’s really an essential part of life. Especially if you have a business or are starting something new.

But you’ve probably noticed that you can’t suddenly “fix it” with the snap of a finger. Which begs the questions – what do you do NOW?

How do you grow your dream when deep down you feel pretty crummy?

Good question! And good thing you’re here –> Because I have some ideas for you.

But first … I feel like I want to share something that’s really important.

….Something that is really personal to me and took me a long time to learn.

I have learned that Confidence and positivity Are fleeting

It comes, it goes…

…and overtime as you prove that you can do things you never thought you could, things slowly start to change!

You will start to notice that confidence and positivity start taking up a bigger and bigger and bigger part in your heart and mind.

And it’s a great feeling to feel like life and you don’t suck as much as you thought.

But, it takes time!

And experts in this area agree that changing our mindset takes consistent work.

In addition to therapy other popular solutions include things like journalling, tapping, meditation, affirmations, and reading – all amazing strategies!

All good things, but very advanced and hard to “get right”. What do you do when you need a quicker way to cope? For example…

  • …those times you might not have the time, energy, and mental strength to do those things.
  • …when you haven’t mastered those things or can’t get a coach or therapist to help you through.
  • …or you can’t wait to “fix your mindset” to get your project done, do that live, or send that email.

Because if you haven’t mastered them or aren’t in a good place to harness those things, then they aren’t going to help or could even make things worse!

Here are some of My Theories On why Those things might not Work All The Time…

If you’re an ideas-person, creative-thinker, or a purpose-driven entrepreneur your brain and body probably thrives when you’re in action and feeling inspired.

Those things can be mentally and emotionally taxing though. And to be healthy and happy the ability to stop our brains is a must.

Especially when you’re in a negative or anxious cycle.

What I have experienced is that I need to “trip-the-circuit” in a way that works with how our mind works.

  • Not by chanting affirmations you don’t believe
  • …spending 1/2 of your meditating time soothing the anxiety you have about not being able to slow your mind
  • …journaling your negative thoughts away (talk about focusing on the negative)
  • …or going to the gym for a 1 or 2 hour workout

Again – These are all great! I think there should be a place for these in all of our lives.

But what do you do when they don’t work for you? Or … you don’t have time to get them to work for you?

Here are a Few Things That I’ve Learned Work For Me

The things I’m sharing below are things I do as I work to fix my mindset in the long-term. They are ideas that I’ve come up with on my own, or have learned from others.

Idea 1: Do WordSearch Puzzles

I know. It seems a little crazy. I totally wrote these off as a thing my mom did. But hear me out … I’m not talking about just any WordSearch puzzles > I’m talking about POSITIVITY WordSearch puzzles.

They have this magical ability to stop the chatter and voices of anxiety.

I have also found that focused energy on this simple task quiets my mind. And focusing my mind on lovely, positive words makes me feel calm and uplifed too.

Plus, I get a quick little win every time I find a word or finish a puzzle. And wins are a really big part of confidence-building.

So seriously – if you are an ideas-person or creative-thinker and find that some of the mindset things you’re doing aren’t helping give this a try. It is seriously reframing my brain a little bit everyday!

>>>> Go here to get them free.

Here’s how I discovered this.
…. I bought a box set of “happy” wordsearch puzzles for my mom this Christmas.

I was so excited to give it to her! But when she opened up the box and we looked inside we were both SO bumbed out!

The words were not happy words at all.

Unless you think things like ladder or roof are happy.

So… being me I created them for her. And in doing so, my life was changed more than hers.

Idea 2: Do Jumping Jacks.

If you have a lot of mental and physical energy exercise is something that helps us a lot.

But, if you’re anything like me you just can’t fit it into your life all the time.

And even when you do, it’s not exactly going to do you any good mid-day when you have 2 minutes to spare but NEEEEEEEED to get that excess energy out of you or else ….

Doing a few jumping jacks is an insanely awesome way to boost your energy, reduce stress, and get that dopamine flowing in just a few minutes!

I got this idea from Renee Hribar when I interviewed her on my summit in Spring 2019.

Idea 3: Add a Few Items To A Pinterest Vision Board

I know I know. I thought Pinterest Vision boards were for amateurs.

Here’s what I learned though. >>> When you’re creative and thrive on ideas you need to be creative and doing stuff with ideas.

… ha… I didn’t say these ideas were going to be rocket science.

Seriously though. It helps! And it doesn’t have to be big-creativity or complex-ideas (because that might be what’s stressing you out). For these purposes, it probably shouldn’t be.

BUT something that’s visual and fun is a great way to trick to brain the into slowing doing and cheering up.

A vision board gets you into that positive head-space and can really help you press pause on any negative or anxious thoughts.

Idea 4: GO AWAY!

Go out for a walk, go to a coffee shop, or run an errand that needs to be done anyways.

I have found this helps me shift gears every time!

When I get back home I’m usually ready to rock-and -roll all over again.

This is a great option whether you walk or drive. But if some of your errands are in walking distance even better!

Idea 5: Don’t give up!

This is a suggestion if fear or insecurity paralyzes you.

Part of what makes the Positivity Wordsearch Puzzles work well is the fact that you get a quick win.

But… you need to do that on a bigger scale too! Basically, everytime you do something you didn’t think you could you’re proving to yourself that you CAN!

It’s the one thing no one ever told me growing up, and it’s probably the best piece of advice I ever got!

…. Think about it! I bet you felt like a superstar the last time you did something awesome.

So when something starts getting hard don’t give up!

Take a step away. But push through it even if you need to get some help!

Now What?

I hope you feel less alone and like you have a simple option to help you through the rough moments in your days.

  • Definitely grab the WordSearch Puzzles. Then look for a word or two whenever your brain needs to shift gears or you need to stop some chatter.
  • Start that Vision Board and add a picture or two to it as a break from the insane!
  • Do 10 jumping jacks
  • Leave the house or office for a little bit.
  • Stop for now. But don’t give up. Just take a break.
  • Accept that you’ll never reach a point where “poof! – You’re suddenly confident and happy 24/7”. BUT you will be MORE confident and happy more often…

And keep your eyes peeled for something called the “Inspiration Advantage”. I’m putting together whole theory on this and can’t wait to share it with you. It’s going to change everything! It’s coming in the summer of 2020.