I Bet You Have An Awesome Talent That You’re Totally Sucking At!

We all have a lot of gifts. Some of them come in handy in our businesses and some of them really aren’t that useful – like… does it really help my business that I’m really good at herding cats? Nope… not really.

But, one of my gifts COULD have been awesome. I’ve basically sucked at it my whole life though!

The first time I should have seen it was a few years after I graduated from Fashion Marketing school.

Here’s the story…

In our last year, we were given a project to design socks for a McGregor socks competition.

We were placed in groups of 5. And the prize wasn’t just an A. The winners would also see their socks in stores the next fall!

And since I had a bit of a sock fetish I was super excited!

This is a little off-topic, but funnily, it was something I shared with my dad. We had a thing for what we jokingly called “Sexy Socks”.

…Don’t get grossed out!!!!

They weren’t “Sexy“.

They were basically FUN, funky socks with cool patterns and colors.

We see these all over the place now. Even the Prime Minister of Canada showed his off on national TV!

But back then it was all about black, beige, and boring!

In history, it’ll be looked at as the time of bland, personality-free fashion – especially in the workplace.

And since I had just started to experience that life I needed my fun, colorful socks – which I searched high and low for (which was hard back then because the internet was still very new).

They were my connection to myself, better days, and an essence of playfulness and wonder.

“When the day gets rough… just lift up your slacks and smile”.

That was my motto, and after sharing my story, my team was all-in too!

And we were so proud of what we did!

I remember going to the big gallery night so clearly! It was a really big to-do!

I wore heels, nylons, and a black dress. And I drank champagne, mingled with designers, executives, and marketers!

I felt so classy and grown-up.
… I was so overwhelmed and happy that the emotion almost started pouring out of my eyes!

Our designs were the most unique! No one had done anything like it. And my group and I felt like we would totally win!!!

So when they were announcing the winner I could barely stand still!!!

My heart was pounding out of my chest! I was sweating (why does excitement do that?) and the anticipation was so powerful I was shivering!

And when the winner ended up being “beige-sock group” to say I was shocked and disappointed is an understatement.

I squeezed my team-mates, downed my drink, and held back tears.

We collectively put on a happy face, shrugged it off, congratulated beige sock group, and pretended to enjoy the rest of the party.

But I felt INCREDIBLY guilty.

And as soon as I could get away without it looking like I was a sore loser, I left.

I walked back to my apartment as fast I could and vegged in front of the TV for the rest of the weekend with what I felt were my only friends…

…pizza, plain Ruffles chips and Oreo ice cream.

We tried to understand what happened, but to be honest, we didn’t.

Our socks WERE better!!!

But I think we were the only ones who saw that which was proven when we got our grade.
– 66%

I was so annoyed that my teacher didn’t get it either.

But like a million times before, the feedback I got is that it was too edgy and creative. (I knoooow! Such a weird thing to hear at fashion school!).

But either he wasn’t, or I was totally off my nut!

And I know that at least one of the people in the group blamed me.

Which was horrible.

How do you make-up for that?! It’s one thing to have an idea that affects you. But when it affects others too – ugh. It was the worst!

Eventually, I moved on and forgot about it until a year or two later

I was on the corner of Yonge and Queen waiting for a streetcar. I popped into the The Bay to get out of the rain and there it was…

–> the new McGregor sock line.

And guess who had a major shift in the design of its socks?!


Suddenly, they were all about the funky!

My first though was “hah!” (I felt vindicated!). But then I was just annoyed.

The funny thing is this – I’ve had this sort of thing happen to me TONS of times

Not just in relation to fashion, but in everything.

  • Like when I wanted to start a video course (just before video was HUGE) but didn’t because someone “smarter” told me no one would take a video course on my topic.

    (history proves that THOUSANDS did!)

And you know what, I bet you’ve noticed similar things too!

Which is exactly why I’m sharing this!

We all have gifts and talents that we struggle with sharing with the world.

—> Things that we brush to the side because someone that we think is smarter, better, or more successful tells us we’re wrong.

I don’t want to sugar-coat this, because I get that this is a complicated topic – a lot of us DO have idiotic ideas sometimes.

But, I think that looking at the trends is a pretty simple way to be able to be able determine what our gifts are.

For me, finding opportunity where others only see obstacles is one.

What about you? I’m sure you have at least one story just like this!

What Now?

Are you wondering how to find your gifts that you’re not putting to use?

In addition to looking at trends (which we do in my coaching programs) I found that personality tests helped me a lot. I’m planning on adding this to my program because it helps you recognized trends that you might be (and probably are) overlooking.

Just make sure that when you answer the questions you answer them based on you at your best – not you when you’re feeling down (because depressed-you is not YOU).

And ask me about my program too. In it, I help you get clear about who you can help the most, and how you can show up as YOU.

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