Do you need a bit of a kick in the butt to actually launch your online program?

Create And Start Selling Your Online Program In 30 Days?

  • Figure out what people want and what your signature program is.
  • Know what you need to say in order to sell it, authentically!
  • Have a plan for how you'll start promoting it.

"All of the tactics and strategies for starting an online program will never work without clarity around your customer and offer."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

That was basically the consensus of the 23 experts I interviewed for my online summit. 

If you're desperate to start an online program and just... can't... And you know your issue is not knowing what you sell and how to stand out when you sell it, I have the solution for you. And the amazing coaches and online experts I've been testing it on for the past year can prove it!

Samantha Brown, Facebook Lives Experts

Halle McCulloch Cottis, Wellness Coach

Let me tell you how it works....

But first, let's figure out if this is for you...

Are you DESPERATE to launch a program, but for whatever reason... don't... Are you a little afraid that no matter what course you take next you still won't? 

I created my summit to help you. But sometimes you just need a little support, and a metaphorical kick-in-the-butt. And I want to be that support!!!

I want to be the hand that guides you where you want to be, and the voice that cheers you on every step of the way!

The people who can benefit the most from the 30 Day Kick Starter Lab are clouded by confusion and overwhelm. It isn't a lack of ideas or knowledge that holds you back, it's the waterfall effect of all of them!

  • You're good at what you do!
  • When you know what you're selling, you'll be able to implement like a pro!
  • And it's not that you don't work a ton. Because you do!!! 

Yes, I KNOW YOU! I've been you, and I am friends with so many AMAZING online experts and coaches JUST LIKE YOU! People, who are an inspiration to me!

I know just how smart you are, just how good you are (even if you don't see it!), and the fact that you work your bootie off. And because of that, I know that you deserve to have your amazing success story too! (even when you don't!)

But what I've learned is that we're set up for failure because of the way marketing works. 

I figured this out after getting caught in the same cycle you're in - learning, learning, and more learning. Then one day last year, after reading a marketing book it dawned on me! We end up in this cycle because marketers give us what we want... not what we need. (and deep down, I know you know this too!)

I was incredibly angry when I realized this, and am here to say "No more!!!"  You know exactly what you need - clarity and path forward (not just how to get more traffic). You even know that it's the fast road to what you WANT!!!... and I'm going to help get it!

This Is What You Know You Should Be Doing...

  • You know you're supposed to "just do it" and then improve. Like, you get that!  
  • You know that you should just ask questions to figure out what to offer... but you don't, or worse: you don't know what to ask!
  • Or maybe you've asked but you don't know what to do with the answers?!
  • You know you need to inspire with your content... but you just don't know how.
  • You know that you need to make yourself stand, but when you take courses to help you sell, they never actually help you figure out how to stand out.


  • You keep taking courses about how to do FB lives, or are fretting about what content to create, etc, etc etc. 
  • And basically more confused and frustrated than before.

You are a knowledge machine and are filled with incredible knowledge - you have it all, know it all, and can SEE it all for everyone else. 

The face of "Agck. She's right... I do know this... but I'm not doing it 😢"

You help others through the mind clutter, but when it comes to you, you're a confused mess 😭

I am here to tell you to stop.

If one single thing I've said resonates with you, DO NOT take one more launch challenge, traffic-growing challenge, or any other "how-to" course or program. Seriously. STOP!

That is the the problem with marketers and the reason you can't seem to make any progress! 

It tells you that you need to:

  • do facebook lives to succeed
  • write lots of content
  • create a blog or podcast or whatever
  • do facebook ads
  • etc...

And if you know what you're selling and how you're unique, that's awesome! 

But if not, find comfort in the fact that it's not even your fault that you're stuck in this situation

As an online expert or coach I don't need to tell you that learning the tactics isn't the issue most of the time. The problem it's the foundation...  And I know you've seen this with every single client you have! 

Without it most people can't get their mindset in the game, and finding the focus and confidence to go out and sell something is not easy either! Same goes with creating a great ad.

But most of us hope that we just need to talk to more people. So that's what marketers give us. That's pretty much every one of them preaches - give people what they want, not what they need.  

And that might be fine in some cases, but it just confuses and discourage us even more when it doesn't work.

Honestly, you just need to take a beat!!!

And I'm here to give you the permission, and support you need to do that!

This is what we'll do together over 30 days...

Over 30 days I will help you figure out your special one-of-a-kind program so that you can FINALLY start selling it!

  • Week 1-3 we figure out what your big thing is going to be! I take you through a variety of exercises to help you figure this out.

  • Week 4  we create your plan for how you can start promoting it in a way that feels good to you. So that you feel authentic and aligned with your personality.

The face of RELIEF!!!

Let's review who this is for:

This program was designed for people at a very specific stage in their online journey. 

So... if you've:

  • taken courses, challenges, and programs and weren't able to succeed, and actually couldn't even get past the who do you serve and what do you do part,
  • hired an expert who helped a ton of other people but didn't really help you,
  • found it impossible to maintain any amount of consistency or motivation,
  • posted in groups and run ads and still nothin' - and feel confused half the time while you're doing it,
  • tried to launch but can't .... or totally bombed when you did.

"But all I need is more traffic"

If you truly believe that this is what you need and you know exactly who you're selling to, and exactly what your product is, then finding a traffic-building course is exactly what you need.

Many of the speakers on this summit shared their programs, and even include them in the all access pass!  I suggest you start with some of those! Feel free to message me if you'd like access.

Or, "I can do this on my own?

If you're taking all the steps you know need to take, and are feeling confident... then ya, you can do it on your own. GO YOU! 

But if you'd like a little support, some butt-kicking, guidance, and someone else to run ideas past then this opportunity could be exactly what you need.

It's hard accepting help when you feel like you should be able to do it on your own. But sometimes a little support and guidance is all you need to get there faster!

Here's What's Included...
And What You'll Have At The End

This Is What's Included 

  • 3 weekly group calls in the first week 
  • 1 weekly call for 3 more weeks
  • All the worksheets you need to work through the process of figuring out how you're unique
  • A private Facebook Group where I'll actually hang out and answer your questions!


All of the training videos from the Online Program Secrets Summit so that you have the most up to date marketing tactics. Value: $147

This Will Be The Result

  • You'll have a clear idea of who you serve, what you do for them, and why you're unique! 
  • You'll know how to move people with your words.
  • You'll know what you're selling, will have a value ladder in planned, and pricing.
  • You'll have a marketing strategy that you feel good about implementing 
  • Basically, you'll know what program you want to offer and have a clear path to how to create and promote it

Overall Value: $1,985

But don't worry. I'm not selling it for that much!

Your Cost

 $1,985 $597

This is going to be my job for 30 days and I am MORE than motivated to help you get results that are 100% greater than you’re hoping for! I'll be giving it my all, helping you work through your questions, and actually showing up to serve you EVERY SINGLE DAY.


The Program Will Start On May  21, 2019

Create An Actual Business...


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For Just $597

Overall Value: $1,985

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