What if 7 small changes to your site over a few hours could turn $2k/month into $20k/month?

(without having to design crazy funnels or do a major (expensive!) site redesign)

Get instant access to the Leaky Website Fix Checklist

Is my site really leaking money?
You need this IF .....

Problem 1

You get traffic but it’s not converting very well. For example, you have products or a lead magnet and not enough people are buying or signing up

A good benchmark is under 15% for signups, and under 5% for sales from cold traffic.

Problem 2

You get a lot of inquires about things that people should be able to find on the site. Or people visit your site and leave before doing a single thing

A good benchmark is a bounce rate of over 60%, and lots of emails about basic things.

Problem 3

You have no idea how to actually organize all of our content so that it looks good and is functional. And you’re overwhelmed by figuring it out!

A good benchmark is issues with problem 1 or 2 and your instincts about the quality of your site.

This will help you get more out of the traffic you already get.
And set up a site that'll sell amazingly once you are getting more!


You don’t have to be a rocket-scientist start getting more out of your site asap.This is all pretty basic, but things that no one seems to talk about. Basic is powerful, but it's forgotten or overlooked in search of shinier objects. 


Creating new offers and funnels isn’t the only way to make more money. Funnels and offers are good, but they can take weeks or even months to build out. These changes could take as little as a few hours and could add money to your bottom line today!


You don’t need to do a whole site redesign. You know how Home Stagers will make really quick and inexpensive updates to a home in order to increase prices significantly - well, this is just like that. This is all about tidying up and organizing what you already have


You don't need a ton of traffic to start getting results. I learned the hard way that the sooner you understand these principles, the better. And the less traffic the have, the more important it is to squeeze every little bit out of the traffic that you do have.

Even design pros get value out of having all of their knowledge placed down in front of them so that they don't forget any of these essentials.

Sounds awesome! But how does it work?

You start by finding the leaks on YOUR site using these simple, powerful checklists.  This step only takes 5-10 minutes.  And the most valuable updates can be done in as little as an hour! 

Could you be growing your email list more quickly and easily?

Find out where to put your optin form for maximum success. Tip: there are at least 5 places.

Is it possible your site is too confusing, messy or complicated?

Find out how to simplify your website so that it's more clear. Tip: Do this with what you already have!

Imagine how cool it would be if you spent 1 or 2 hours on some simple updates and you doubled, tripled (or more!) your income?!

It is really the most simple and most efficient way to start getting better results with your site quickly

This isn’t about redoing your whole site

This isn't about throwing money at ads

This isn't about creating more offers or funnels

This isn't about redoing all of your branding

So much of what's out there requires so much work and money?!  It drives me bananas because you're probably just a few tweaks away from awesome! And THIS... this helps you get to awesome FAST