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April 3, 2020

Even ​though some people say it doesn't matter, I know that you want to love your brand vibe! 

Learn how to create a fabulous brand even if you're not a designer, don't want to get stuck with a decision you'll regret,  and aren't sure if you're "ready" to brand!

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  • The 6 elements of brand vibe (and the 4 essentials)
  • How to keep it simple with those elements so that your brand can morph as you grow and evolve (even if you're new and DIY'ing)
  • How to create a brand board so that you can stick to your brand, without feeling "trapped" by it.  

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Hi there! I can help you put yourself out there by helping you design a website that is rooted in a strong online marketing strategy. I have spent 15 years helping solopreneurs and small brands connect-the-dots, tame the "idea-tornado", and alleviate the tech-overwhelm that holds them back.

Susanna Miles

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