Learn How To Use Market Research To Clarify Your Message And Find The Ideal Clients For Your Online Program

One who smiles rather than rages or fights is always the stronger. Unknown

This outline will uncover and reveal....

  • the 7 part formula that evergreen names in the online world use to build their loyal tribe of fans that open their emails, endorse them to the masses, and sell out their programs. 
  • How to decide what to give away, what to sell and for how much.
  • How to create a value ladder that gets people from strangers to success stories to raving fans.
  • How to create an authentic personal brand that's unique and totally you.

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Hi, I'm Susanna Miles...

For the past 10 years I've been an online expert - I've worked as a blogger, adwords manager, social media manager, web designer, and funnel designer. And every single person that I've watched become a huuuuge influencer during this time has done one thing >> they focused on creating a very strong personal brand

They embraced who they are and spat fear in the face...They did what they loved, and loved who they served. They created their own little universe, and have been basking in its light and power ever since.

And guess what - your people are waiting for you too!  Are you ready for them? 

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