A 3 Day Event To Help Spiritually-Minded Digital Service Providers, Coaches & Consultants

Discover How To Make More Money USING Your Unique Talent And Skill-set WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR SOUL

Get clear on your unique gifts, money mindset, create the ultimate professional (and personal) brand, and how to position yourself to make more money and grow your business in 2020.

Within 48 hours of our energy + branding Session, I had received two contracts that will allow me to add value and my goal is to provide significant value!

Tim Forrest,
Food Marketing Business Consultant

This is going to sound too good to be true, but I booked 2 speaking engagements since working together and made more money simply by being in alignment.

Chris Hines,
Founder of Controlled Creative Chaos

The Business + Spirituality Mastermind and Why The Universe Wants You To Listen Now

A 3 Day Private Mastermind
October 24-28th, 2019 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Are you tired of Feeling Overwhelmed, Confused & Lost about Your business and sales?

If you're like so many of the designers, digital experts, marketers, VA's, coaches and consultants we've worked with...

  • You're absolutely fed-up with the lack of stability in your life. You wish more than anything you could have at least a bit more control over your income! But going from $5,000 one month to $0 for the next 2 is just not cutting it for you. You just can't figure out how to maintain that consistency and momentum. And you're tired of waiting for the phone to ring. I want to know how to make things happen! 
  • You're super sick of working with clients who don't appreciate you and drain you of your energy and creativity . You're a hard-working, talented person who always goes above-and-beyond. You want to work with clients who see that and meet you halfway! You want them to be successful, and you just want them to behave as though they want it too!
  • You keep trying to "Get organized" and make a plan but work and life always get in the way. And if you're honest, you don't even know where to start. You get inspired with new products, offers, courses and workshops but "the Universe" isn't showing you exactly how to create a step-by-step process to help you grow.
  • You know exactly what you need to do in your business, but the motivation evaporates. And to be truthful, this happens to a lot of business owners who are out of alignment because they easily get swayed or confused by the lack of interest, disappointed by the lack of sales and frustrated by the pace in which success is supposed to be happening (right now!)
  • You know you are destined for greatness - more contracts, retainers, book deals, speaking engagements but HOW and WHEN? You're wondering what you need to do exactly to go from A to Z, but somehow there is something in your branding, your messaging, your offer or maybe even your pricing that prohibits you from growing your business as fast as possible.
  • You know you need to be doing a better job with sales... but it feels awful and you can't stand being cheesy. You wish you could have sales magically land on your doorstep (or email inbox) and you know that sales is an important part of business. So why is it that some businesses do it better than others? Clearly you are doing everything in your power, so why is it just not working?
  • You want to spend more time with your friends, family, living your dream life NOW instead of LATER... Because you deserve it. But you don't know how to balance the "growth phase" with "lifestyle" simply because it feels out of alignment. The Universe wants you to know that everything manifests in accordance to your vibration and energy - so how do you align everything with ease?​​​​

You were called to do something bigger. What's holding you back from success?

When your mind, body, spirit & business is aligned, everything you do will flow naturally

  • You'll be recognized as a leader in your niche and opportunities will flow to you effortlessly. Clients are raving about their experiences and time with you - so you can spend less time "in business" and more time "working with the business". You'll be in your zone of genius.
  • You'll start getting paid what you're worth, by clients who appreciate you. When you are in alignment with your purpose, passion and step into your power, your clients will begin to appreciate you financially and will not question your solutions...
  • Leads will pop into your email inbox and messages on social media. Say hello to your new business as it comes to life like beautiful plants in the forest!
  • You manifest new opportunities that magically appear when you least expect it. And it will leave you wondering, "What in the heck, how did this not happen sooner?" A vibration is a energy that you need to step into, but before this happens you must remove any obstacles prohibiting you from reaching your potential
  • You'll have a steady stream of clients without the stress No more guessing, stressing that you haven't posted in 4 days, or feeling like you've disappointed your fans. Your brand is a reflection of who you are as a person and it needs to inspire trust. Without trust, how will you get your steady stream of clients?
  • Gain clarity and the confidence needed for the upcoming growth spurt When you are clear on your path, your purpose and where you need to be focusing in your spirit and business, your confidence, self worth and esteem will sky rocket simply because you are doing work much greater than yourself.
  • Feel loved and supported by the Universe knowing that you are doing what you were meant to be doing Our intuition is a driving force in our lives, but sometimes it's easy to lose that connection during a campaign launch, strategy session or day-to-day activities. You'll learn the techniques to feel more connected, alive and aware without the stress of forcing yourself to meditate even if you don't like it...
  • Fall in love with your life and business all over again You are a force to be reckoned with and you're here for a reason. You acknowledged the fire in your soul and are ready to rock it to the next level. This fire will help you fall in love with your life and business all over again.. knowing that THIS TIME, you'll have a team and community of people behind you to help support and grow with you.

Getting Your Spirituality and Business Aligned is the key to Moving Past Blocks To Build The Life and Income You Want

There's a massive shift in the energy in life and business. Have you felt it?

Now is a crucial and pivotal time that's going to requires us to step into the momentum and show up in ways we've never imagined. Instead of doing things the old way, we must embrace the new vibrations before we get too far behind.

Your clients aren't looking for another "business guru" to help them. They're looking and craving someone who genuinely understands them, cares about their problem and helps them find a real solution.

If you are ready to grow in the next year (2020 is just around the corner), it's time to step away from the practices that have not served you and get back to the core of who you are as a business owner and leader. At this moment, anything less is not going to work for you.

The Spirituality + Money Mastermind is for you if:

  • You want to become more authentic and truly become an expert that resonates with your audience no matter the latest marketing trend.
  • You want the freedom and lifestyle to create your own life experiences for yourself, clients and family.
  • You are ready to step into your full power with the financial rewards as your natural state of being. Your calendar will be filled without aimless marketing and schemes.

Our goal: To make sure that you never have to lose yourself again in your business. You'll be so clear on your direction, path and purpose that your business revolves itself around your lifestyle. You will feel totally transformed in your mind, body, spirit and business.

That's what we're all about.

Step into your potential knowing you have people on your side. 

Walk away from 3 days of knowing:

How to brand, build, launch and position your high-ticket offers and spiritually align your mind, body, spirit and business with total clarity and confidence.

Join Us For the Business + Spirituality Weekend Mastermind and Transform Your Life & Business

It's time to move past all of the old-school tacky tactics and learn how to make more money using your own unique skillset and talents and one-of-a-kind strategy.

Dates: Oct 24 - 28th, 2019

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Venue: [Private Home] Toronto, Ontario

Event Schedule: 

  • Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • Sunday VIP Day: 9:00am - 7:00pm

We have 100+ Success Stories & More

Here is What You'll Accomplish At Spirituality & Money Mastermind

Our time together will be focused on 

DAY 1: Meet & Greet

Thursday, , 5pm - 7pm October 24, 2019

Arrive at the Mastermind House, we'll have dinner and set the expectations for the weekend!

DAY 2: Spirituality & Sales

Friday, 9am - 7pm October 25, 2019

We will be working on your spiritual side, creating alignment in your mind, body, spirit and business as well as fine-tuning your vibrations for money attraction

DAY 3: Branding & Business
Saturday, 9am - 7pm October 26, 2019

We will be working on 3 things you can start doing right now to create consistency between your offers, message, and brand so that you can finally start attracting the clients and income that you've been dreaming of - even if you're totally stuck and overwhelmed right now.

DAY 4: VIP DAY (VIP Guests Only)
Sunday, 9am - 7pm October 27, 2019

BONUS VIP Day - These are for people who want additional hands-on help in marketing, branding & sales training. We will cover advanced methods on:

  1. Customer Empathy & Clarity

  2. Sales Strategies

  3. Fool-Proof Customer Attraction

  4. Closing Techniques


The decision is now.

Why we are uniquely qualified to help you...

Susanna Miles, Creator of the Smiles Method is a seasoned digital marketer who has been working online since 2007 - with a background as a blogger Adwords Manager, and conversion-friendly/UX Web Designer.  She currently works with designers and other online marketing professionals  to help them uncover clear messaging that is rooted in a heart-mind connection so that they can build businesses they love AND convert! She is a strong believer in nurture-marketing, the customer journey, and knowing yourself and your ideal customer intimately.  Her life mission is to help people value who they are, and shine! When not working, Susanna spends time with her husband, her two cats, and the rest of her family - especially her two amazing nieces. She loves travelling, culture, tea, and food. You can visit her at SusannaMiles.com.

Sonya Lee, Founder of Business Empathy. She is a Fortune 100 Consultant and Silicon Beach tech founder who now works with corporations, coaches & consultants on how to scale their business and make more money with empathy. Sonya is also an expert in the realm of technology, user experience and branding. Additionally, her work as a master energy healer & clairvoyant helps experts turn financial frustration into purpose and power using her Money Activation technique. As the creator of UX Your Life and the UserX methodologies, Sonya helps push and explore the potential of human dynamics. When not working, Sonya enjoys spending time with her cat and visiting the beach where she lives. You can visit her at www.businessempathy.co

At the Spirituality + Money Mastermind, we want to help everyone we work with become more purposeful, influential and profitable in their business. How do we do it? By helping you step into your true purpose, shine in your brand as an authority and create scalable offers to maximize your results.

When you have embraced your unique power and stepped into your divine purpose, opportunities become reality...

Are you ready to get the life and income you want?


in one weekend, Join Us As you learn & Implement how to

  • Make more money or launch a business with your unique talent & skill set
  • How to do business like a Fortune 100 business consultant
  • Learn to step into your own unique power and energy
  • Identify your unique gifts from the Universe or Source
  • Get clarity on your branding in your business
  • Learn how to strategize your brand and attract new clients & opportunities
  • How to get more sales using social media or organic methods
  • How to supercharge your marketing & sales strategy
  • Be more productive and authentic as a coach & expert
  • Get clarity on your message and your offers
  • Learn how to write copy that connects with your ideal client
  • Build out your "blow-up your brand" plan based on the formula mega-marketers are using
  • Start putting yourself out there confidently
  • Feel authentic in your marketing
  • Understand the heart of your avatar, and how to tug at it
  • How to find and create offers that your dream clients want
  • Have a plan for a funnel you can actually implement and succeed with
  • Move forward with vision and passion
  • Make momentum part of your daily life

Our Promise To You:

By the end of this event you will have

  • Make more money or launch a business with your unique talent & skill sets
  • How to do business like a Fortune 100 business consultant
  • Be more productive and authentic as a coach & expert
  • Learn to step into your own unique power and energy
  • Create a strategy and plan that's aligned with your gifts
  • Know exactly what words to use to turn your people on!
  • ​​​Offers that your dream customers actually want
  • A plan using the exact same formula that big-name marketers use to build a following of rabid-buyers!
  • Very deep clarity on your message, brand persona, and avatar
  • Consistency between your brand, your offers and everything you say online!
  • Engaging content that you can put out with ease, every day

It's Time To Build The Life and Business You Want & Always Dreamed Of



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this event different? This mastermind is invite-only and for spiritually minded entrepreneurs who want to scale their business. Because it is a limited and small event, only action takers who are ready to grow and step into their power are accepted. We interview everyone who attends and make sure that 100% is aligned with the right energy.
  • Where will I stay?  We recommend staying near local hotels or AirBnB's. We do not provide transportation or accommodations but will do our best to help you find something nearby. If you need recommendations, please contact Susanna directly.
  • Why a weekend mastermind? We have listened to the hearts of our clients and decided to create this format to help you succeed. Many of our clients need a boost in their work and real-life strategies that will help propel them forward. But not everyone needs long-term coaching. We felt it is important to address immediate needs in a community environment where everyone can feel supported and valued as a contributor to the greater good. Masterminds over a long-weekend are an amazing way to connect, reinvigorate and re-establish results.
  • What if I don't like it? Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible. The group is limited and we do our best to make sure that everyone's answers, questions and concerns are addressed. This is exactly why we keep our groups small and intimate. Be prepared to get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and share tips & strategies that have helped guided you here.
  • Can I come for part of the event? We certainly understand the need for flexibility. If you are unable to attend the full event, we are happy to make other recommendations. But, it is in the best interest of the group to make time to attend the entire weekend. The Thursday dinner is optional, but in order for us to stick to the guarantees we've promised you - we ask that you do your best to fully attend the Friday & Saturday sessions.​​

It's time to get the life and income you want

If you show up, participate, take notes and engage with the team and don't feel like this event is AWESOME and worth your time, then let us know by the end of the first day and we'll refund what you paid. We are confident that the strategies you'll learn will be worth at least 10 times what you invested to attend this mastermind. So look at it any way - there is zero risk for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.



The Spirituality + Money Mastermind Live

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