Start changing your mindset in a few minutes a week with positivity wordsearch Puzzles

For entrepreneurs who need a way to cope with stress, overwhelm and negative thoughts - without spending a ton of money or time on things that aren't going to work fast anyways.

"Our thoughts also impact what we manifest in our lives. But it can be argued that the real power lies in our words."

~Katherine Hurst , Author of Origins & Leader in the LOA

Take a look inside...

"When I created these for my mom I had no idea how much they would change my life! I'm so excited to share this with others who suffer from anxiety and need a simple positive bump during the day." ~Susanna‚Äč

> How does it work?

Today, and then once per week you'll receive 2 new positivity word search puzzles.

These are yours to use whenever you need to shift your mindset, calm down, reconnect with your inspiration, and re-focus.

> Why 2 puzzles per week?

This activity is supposed to be FUN and good for your mindset. Not another "ToDo" or distraction on your already busy schedule.

2 has proven to be the perfect balance.

> How will it change my mindset?

Focusing on positive words is a form of active meditation. Doing that regularly + experiencing simple-wins will shift your mindset a little bit everyday.

  • Positive words change your brain waves.
  • Quick, easy wins = a quick confidence-boost.
  • The effects of positive distraction can help to retrain the brain.
  • A positivity-break can re-awaken the spark that inspired you.