Do you wish you Could Take Selfies That Looked Like Professional Photos? 

...But Think You Need To Be An extroverted Supermodel With Killer photography Skills and A Fabulous Space?!

Well... the Selfie Upgrade Challenge can show you how without all that! It is a fun, no-brainer digital course on how to take selfies (that don't necessarily look like selfies) for your business, with just your cell phone!

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Right now though... like your selfies as much as you like cod liver oil!

When you share your pictures on social media, you just want to die!

They look horrid when you use them on your site and  sales pages.

That tired old profile pic from 2007 still looks better.

Filters sort of help...


You're starting to worry that you have to pose in your underwear to get any attention! 

And you wonder…“Do I really look THAT bad?

(No, you don't!)

The badass in you doesn't want to care - but you do. 

(And it isn't just vanity!!!) 

You Also Know That It's An Important Part Of Marketing!

And because of that you considered hiring a professional photographer

You’ve even come across some amazing photographers online.

But going through the expense and trouble of a photoshoot for a few pictures you may or may not like doesn’t exactly seem practical.

That idea lasted about 2 seconds before you spit your drink out laughing. 

And even if you have a relationship where you could do that > are they able to take pictures you'd actually like?

And then you thought about asking your partner or friend to do it...

Like you, I hated myself in pictures and always chose to stand behind the camera instead. 

Not just in my career as a photographer's assistant, stylist, and production manager. I preferred to fade into the background in other parts of my life too.

So if you prefer to shine the spotlight on others, then, like me, you're probably realizing that... grow a sustainable business standing out is sort of important.

And yes....

Great pictures are just a small part of it, BUT...  

...Feeling good about yourself, what you put out there, and actually getting noticed is definitely a big part of it!

At first, I paid  over $500 for a pro-shoot - but only got 3 pictures that I liked.

Then one night, when I was feeling dumb about spending all that money and not having anything to show for it, my husband challenged me!

He asked..."Why can't you do it yourself?"

"You've been a stylist, set decorator, image consultant AND photographer's assistant!!! Seriously... You know how! "You've done it for tons of people so I know you can!!!"

I didn't know what to say. 
Tbh... I was skeptical it could work outside of a professional photo studio. And with being so darn awkward in front of the camera.

But then he asked "what do you have to lose?".

And I'm so glad he pushed me! Because now...Not only do I love my selfies so much more than those pro pics. I also love that they help me stand out! 

And this is what you need to know if you want professional-looking selfies too!

Learn to take amazing selfies with just a cell phone even if you don't think  you're photogenic.

> because I know you're ready to level up and start getting those higher rates! 

Get get enough selfies for a whole year in 1-2 hours even if you think your selfies suck

> because of course you want tons of AWESOME pictures at your fingertips!

Have fun and not just stand out, BUT want to stand out. Even if you aren't superficial or self-obsessed

> because you started down this path to have fun and make an impactRight?!

And yes..

You can be just like Kathy, who no longer needs to ask her husband or pay a professional for photos! 

"I loved Susanna's "Selfie Challenge". She had so many great suggestions from selfie sticks to poses and props. It gave me so many new ideas and the freedom to try some new things on my own without bothering my husband to take pictures or hiring a professional. I recommend this course to anyone using social media to help you stand out. Susanna is a great teacher and I'm grateful for all I learned about selfies and myself. Thank you!!!!"

- Kathy Stone,  Certified Life Coach and Realtor

I know what you're thinking right now...

But here's the thing about that...

You don't have to be an extrovert, the perfect human specimen, or a talented photographer with a beautiful studio!!!

It comes down to what I call the PHOTO FABLE... because a picture DOESN'T always tell the whole story!

So if you've ever gasped... "Do I really look THAT bad?!" after looking at your pictures...

...You don't!


The Camera Will Lie!
Unless, you to tell it what to do! 

And let's just say it was a lesson Naima was happy to learn!



Digital Marketing Coach

Now it's your turn!


"The fun, no-brainer digital course that will show you how to take AMAZING selfies (that don't necessarily look like selfies) with just your cell phone!"


Fancy Photo Equipment!


An awkward photoshoot


Mad Photo-taking Skills

After these 5 short mini courses You'll Have Incredible Photos

that make you look amazing!!!


The Photographer Assistant's Guide To Tech & Locations (for non-photographers)

Get a crash course from my time as a photographer's assistant and set decorator so that you can get your lighting and set optimized for flattering, high-quality photos. There are two parts to this: 1) where to place your camera in relation to you and your light source and 2) a step by step guide for finding the right cell phone settings for YOUR phone and your location(s). 

How to make your space work + the must-have backdrop

How to use natural or artificial light in dark spaces

Cell phone setting secrets for pro-quality pictures

Why is this important? poor lighting, a cluttered space, putting your camera phone in the wrong place, and one cell phone setting (especially one that everyone seems to love) will make you look tired, bigger, and older. It will also result in poor-quality images that won't look professional in your marketing material.


The Fashion Stylist's Guide On What to Wear And What Not To Wear (Outfits, Hair, And Makeup) 

Get a crash course from my time as a stylist and skincare-maker to bring out your best features with clothing, hair, and make-up so that you have gorgeous pictures for every mood.  (no need for a new wardrobe, layers of make-up, or a wig!)

This is what you'll learn

  • The most flattering outfits for your body type.
  • The best colors to wear plus the 3 colors that make everyone look fantastic, regardless of skin tone.
  • 2 simple, natural tips to avoid "fake" or cakey-looking skin

This is why this is important

  • Certain outfit shapes or styles can misrepresent our body shape and size.
  • Certain colors make dark circles, blemishes, or wrinkles seem more obvious.
  • Being organized and helps you get all of the photos you need in just 1-2 hours.

The most flattering outfits for your body type

The best colors to wear + the 3 that work on anyone!

simple, natural tips to avoid "fake" or cakey-looking skin

Why is this important? Certain outfit styles, shapes, and colors can make us seem bigger than we are and make our wrinkles or blemishes more noticeable. This section shows you how to to pick the best ones for you!


The Awkward Model’s Guide To Expressions, Posing, & Props

Get a crash course in the secrets models and actresses use to look more attractive, confident, and younger on camera based on how they stand, how they smile, and how they use props!  (no need to diet first!) 

Red Carpet secrets for accentuating your Va Va Voom

30+ expressions and poses to try + "The Power Pose"

How to build connections through a picture (because you want to connect right?!)

Why is this important? There is so much power in the tilt of the head, what you look at (and how!), and where you put your hands! These simple tweaks can have profound effects on how confident and well put-together you look (and it goes beyond the leg cross!)


Inside the Photo Shoot (Selfie Day)

In this module I'll show you how to move, rescue any outfit, and use your props to get pictures you'll LOVE to look at and everyone else will think you paid tons of money for. 

Make any outfit look flattering with the most important item in my stylist toolbox

How to tweak poses and incorporate props

How to master the "Faceless Selfie" so that it isn't always about your face

Why is this important? By watching me you'll see (in real time!) how subtle changes affect how you look, and will know what to do yourself. It will also help you find the courage to do it yourself. It's really important to me that you see that you see how small things make a BIG difference. 


The Low-Tech Photo Editing Guide For People Allergic To Tech

Get a crash course in my time as a designer to color correct and edit your images in a way that looks natural, professional, and consistent with your brand. And will take under a minute! 

The best free tool that makes it simple to edit and manage all of your photos

Brighten up images and diminish wrinkles  with the click of a few buttons

Remove distracting backgrounds (in 3 clicks) without ruining your pictures

The best free tool that makes it simple to edit and manage all of your photos

Brighten up images and diminish wrinkles  with the click of a few buttons

Remove distracting backgrounds (in 3 clicks) without ruining your pictures

Why is this important? Most background removers and filters make your photos look cheap, cheesy, and fake. It's really important to me that you know that you can get amazing results with these super cheap + free tools vs Photoshop or hiring a pro.

Cheat Sheets, Checklists, and Time-Stamped Videos

Cheat Sheet for 50+ Expressions and Poses

Cheat Sheet For Essential Outfits, and Styles

Daily Checklists With The Important To Do's

Video Time Stamps For Critical Sections

Why is this important? One of my pet peeves is how hard it is to find important sections in a video or have a list of what I should do. When you're learning, I want you to absorb the information. I don't want you to worry about having to take notes. And if you find you need something else, just ask and I'll create it!

what you'll end up with is

professional selfies for your website, sales pages, and social media posts that:

highlight all of your best features

emphasize the best parts of your physique

show off the very best version of you

"up your brand" & command higher rates

give your complexion a gorgeous glow! 

speed up and simplify design and marketing

And ...

To Help You Level Up EVEN MORE!



40+ Social Media Design Using The Best Free Tool Out There (Templates)

These customizable templates were created using Google Slides, the best free design tool out there! You're  getting 40+ templates in square and vertical format so that you can easily create designs for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Why is this important? We all know social media takes a lot of time. This makes it fast and easy to create brand-friendly social media graphics with your new photos! (even if you aren't a designer or don't have fancy design programs)



How To Customize Your Templates Using Google Slides (Mini Course)

Google Slides is one of the most powerful but simple tools but most people have no idea what it's capable of. In this course, I show you how to add your brand elements and new selfies to the templates (you are also getting for free) to create stunning graphics in no time.

Why is this important? Sure, there's canva and photoshop. But let's face it... Photoshop is overkill if design isn't your profession. And Canva is great ... but it's a whole other membership fee. And, I don't know about you, but it's like a candy store in there and I'm always getting sidetracked for way too long. It's almost as bad as Facebook! With Google Slides you'll be in and out in no time!



2 Recipes For Gorgeous, Camera-ready Skin

I'm sure you have your favorite skincare products so these won't replace those. BUT, after making my own skincare for 20 years (and having a skincare business at one point) these super simple recipes will give you that healthy, fresh complexion that makes photos stunning.

Why is this important? I struggled with skin that looked dry a and cakey on camera and learned from a model-friend that having hydrated skin is essential for looking great in pictures. These recipes solve this problem for me.

But the thing that makes the Selfie Upgrade truly valuable is this >> the results go so deep, and so far!

...Because Feeling Good About How You Look Gives You The Courage To Show Up More Powerfully AND More Consistently In Your Business.

...And THAT is priceless!

  • But... I also get that part of you is still thinking "it's just selfies". 
  • You're probably skeptical that you can get the same results as me.
  • And of course it's totally normal if you're a little afraid and uncomfortable.

for $27

BUT... having good pictures, feeling attractive and wanting to stand out truly changed my life. And I'm not just saying that!  I genuinely want everyone who is ready for this to go through the same transformation!

So, to make it a no-brainer I'm giving it to you...

Janet started feeling like her photos started to reflect her brand and the quality that she aims to give her clients.

I am so glad I participated in Susanna's Selfie Upgrade Challenge! I learned so much about everything from how to use a selfie stick to choosing locations, outfits, and and poses that have helped me take professional photos that I really like! 

I love sharing them because I feel like I actually look like myself, and people are noticing and engaging with me more too! 

Janet Barclay

Web Designer
("After" photo)





Yes > You're getting It All!


The Entire Selfie Upgrade Challenge Course

Including tech, locations, hair, makeup, outfits, poses, expressions, props, and photo editing training.


All 40+ Brand-friendly Social Media Design Templates

Including square and tall templates for instagram, facebook, and pinterest.


The Designing With Google Slides Mini Course

How include brand elements like pictures, text, fonts, and textures. Also, how to crop photos and edit photos.


My Secret Recipes For Fabulous Skin In Your Photos

Two of my very own recipes that have helped me achieve fresh, glowing, and healthy-looking skin in photos.

And not only will you have tons of BEAUTIFUL selfies for your sales pages, website, profile pictures, and social media...

...You'll also have more confidence, more courage, and more motivation.

> And more fuel to grow the type of business you want!

And this

is what it will empower you to do

put yourself out there with pride

get the clients & rates you want

compete with your heroes

hold onto the belief that you CAN do this!

engage more consistently

get more likes and engagement

proudly showcase your offers 

show up more powerfully

And to make this even more of a no-brainer... 

...If, after taking this course you don't have have tons of amazing pictures you can use everywhere... and more confidence, courage, and motivation...I will offer you a full refund.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!

What does this mean... 

What this means is that you can take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Frequently Asked Questions For The Selfie Challenge

Do I need anything extra for this to work?

When you sign up I send an email with a couple tools that will help you. Your maximum costs will be anywhere from $15 to $100 at the most. My mission is to help you take great pics without getting things you don't really need.

I don’t have a fancy camera, will this work For me?

You don’t need one. I have been taking photos with a 3 year old phone. The goal is to help you improve your selfies regardless of your cell phone. To help, I discuss the technical settings that make a HUGE difference! 

Do I have to do this now? Or can I start whenever I want.

This is a self-guided course that you can do whenever you want. I recommend that you get to sooner rather than later, while your enthusiasm is high though.

Will this work for me if I am totally awkward on camera?

Ohmygosh - I TOTALLY get it! I am totally awkward in front of the camera too. It takes practice, for sure. But, if I can do it, I feel like anyone can. I give you the tools to help you look good on camera and what you'll find is that it will get easier when you know how to look good in photos, and you start to actually like your pictures!

What if I am just not photogenic and always look bad in pictures?

I don't think anyone isn't photogenic. Some people are naturals but that doesn't mean we can't all look good in pictures?! My mom was one of the first people that inspired me to to turn this into a course because her whole impression of herself changed when I showed her how to photograph herself. She used to think that she was so ugly because she looked so terrible in pictures. The problem was that people didn't know how to take nice pictures of her, this made her cringe in front of a camera, and she didn't know how to pose.

Do I really need nice selfies?

Good question. "Selfie's" may not be essential for you. But, at some point, we all need professional pictures - which is the purpose of this course. So, if you feel like you want or need better pictures of yourself and you don't want to hire a professional, then this course is for you. It's also really helpful to have selfies for social media posts and blog posts too! 

What if I need help or can't make my pictures look good even with your course?

For the first few days of the course you probably won't get any great pictures. But, by the 4th day, I'm sure you'll be able to take better pictures than you can now. AND ... I have an active and super supportive Facebook group. Plus, you can always message me privately 😀  

I don't have time 🙁

Going through this whole course and taking your selfies won't take anymore time than getting prepared for and doing a photoshoot. In fact, you can probably get all of your photos done in 1-2 hours. At the end of this course you should have tons of photos which means that you won't have to take another picture for several months! It's a little bit of work up front, but it will save you tons of time and energy over time.

"Susanna's Selfie Challenge was amazing! I learned so much. Easy to do tasks that resulted in some pretty incredible pics. 

From lighting to backgrounds, even what to wear to get the best shot was all so valuable. It was fun and informative. I would take it again."

Lynda Hykin

The Healthy Wealthy Boomer

Seriously, it's silly NOT to do This 


See you on the other side!

Grab the Selfie Upgrade Challenge Course

  • A Photographer Assistant Guide To Tech & Locations (for non-photographers) (Value: $50)
  • A Stylists Guide What to Wear And What Not To Wear Outfits, Hair & Makeup (Value: $50)
  • The Awkward Model's Guide To Expressions, Posing, & Props  (Value: $50)
  • Inside The Photo Shoot: Selfie Day (Value: $50)
  • The Low-Tech Photo Editing Guide For People Allergic To Tech  (Value: $50)
  • BONUS: 20+ Brand-friendly Social Media Design Templates Made in Google Slides (Value: $50)
  • BONUS: Designing in Google Slides Training (Value:$50)
  • BONUS: 
  • Daily Checklist, Cheat Sheets (digital + Printable PDF), and Time-stamped videos 

TOTAL VALUE = ($350)
Today's Price: $27

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