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How Would You Like To Start Getting The Clarity And Results You Want WAAAAY Faster?

I can only assume that if signed up for this free course you're: frustrated about all the time and money you're wasting because of lack of organization, annoyed about not being able to move forward because of your own uncertainty, and are ready to just get the f*** on with building the business and life you are meant to have! #AmIRight

Is this you?


You have so many ideas you feel like your brain is going to explode

You have a lot of ideas - and they're all really good! You know there needs to be cohesion and a plan. But you can't seem to tame the "idea tornado" in your head.

You dream of a process and creative partner to help you gain clarity!  Someone who can help you organize all of your ideas into a step-by-step plan and strategy that will help you build a business you love and create more success for the clients you have.


You're too busy with client work to actually work on your own dreams

You are so busy with your existing work that you don't have the energy to give yourself what you give to your clients.  BUT your soul needs to do this or you'll shrivel up!  

You know that guidance, a helping hand, and a systemized approach would calm your anxiety and give you the confidence you need to gain momentum and start serving the people you are meant to serve!


You're tired of not loving what you do, who you do it with, and your results

You became a coach, digital freelancer, or agency owner because you wanted freedom. But that's the last thing you have. Instead, you always seem to be overwhelmed finding work, doing the work, and managing your wobbly income. It makes you feel trapped. And you're panicked about being stuck! 

You're ready for a step-by-step strategy that will show you how to get there and give you the courage to JUST DO IT

And you'd like to get started and work steadily and methodically towards your dream, without it affecting the income and work you are already getting. You want to go fast, but not at the expense of your current clients or income. 

If so, I'm going to make you Smile!

You're about to create a step-by-step process that will give you the exact roadmap you need to FINALLY get some clarity and start taking strategic action with your dreams! 

And it'll take about 40 minutes .... because I'll be walking you through it!

As a thank you to my goal-oriented sisters and brothers who are signing up for this free course, I'm opening up some spots in my calendar for digital freelancers, agency owners, and coaches like you who are ready to FINALLY step into the your dreams and to get the recognition you deserve.

And to finally build your business instead of everyone else's!

And the best part is that you don't even need to pay me for it. It's a special gift from me, to you - just because I want to make you smile!

Why? For two reasons.

  1. I get where you are! Up until last year, I was a freelance web designer and social media manager too. It was chaos and SO stressful - especially when I get into a mini agency mode! I'm also a newer coach. And without people gifting me things like this, I'd still be lost, panicking, and on the wrong road.  I'm excited to FINALLY give back!

  2. Some people that participate in this breakthrough session end up coming back to me to get further support from me as a private client, which is really exciting for me.

    The only thing? Not everyone will be eligible to claim this gift.

This gift is only available to coaches, digital freelancers, and boutique agencies who are:

  1. Committed to giving your dreams AT LEAST a few hours a week.... NOW!  And are willing to do what it takes to make your shift.

  2. Entrepreneurs that are committed to your business and clients. And even if your income is low or unpredictable you are willing to invest in yourself and your dreams.
  3. Passionate about what you do and helping to improve lives or the world in a profound way. 

  4. Open to putting yourself "out there", connecting, and growing your online presence.

  5. Ready, willing and able to invest in your business growth right now!

If you're reading the bullets above and are thinking, "THAT'S ME!"... Then select a date below to claim your breakthrough session gift!

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Hi, I'm Susanna Miles...

For the past 10 years I've been an online expert - I've worked as a blogger, adwords manager, social media manager, web designer, and funnel designer. And every single person that I've watched become a huuuuge influencer during this time has done one thing >> they focused on creating a very strong personal brand

They embraced who they are and spat fear in the face...They did what they loved, and loved who they served. They created their own little universe, and have been basking in its light and power ever since.

And guess what - your people are waiting for you too!  Are you ready for them? 

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