March 17

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I'll be sending you an email soon. For now I'd love it if you were to join my Group >>> "Biz + Blog Heroes"

About the group: 

On this journey of entrepreneurship I have learned that we literally need to become a hero to ourselves and to others.  This group is for people who are on a journey to become or continue being that person to more and more people.

For me, a hero isn't just people who can fly or save the world from evil villains - thought this would be handy too!

... a hero is also a regular person who overcomes obstacles to achieve something they never thought they could. THEN ... go out and help other people do the same. 

These are people you look at and think "Oh wow. If THEY could do it. So can I!". 

Essentially, a hero inspires!

... They provide hope!
... Motivation.
... And a map.

They are brave, filled with passion, kindness, and they never give up!  (Just like you!)

When I look at it that way, "giving value", staying motivated, and being inspired to keep going takes on a whole new perspective.

Please join my group if you feel the same way.

In the group myself and others share our experience as we try to be heroes to as many people as people. We welcome you to do the same.


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