March 28

Awesome! You’ll get an email reminding you about the details for the training soon.


You're not done yet!

Step 1: Add a reminder to your calendar for Thurs. Apr. 2 @12:30 pm EST.

Step 2: Like OhSusannaMiles on Facebook. This is where I'll be teaching this live on Thurs. Apr 2 @12:30 pm EST.

Step 3: Click "Going" to the event on Facebook.  This will ensure that you get reminders in Facebook too.

If you are unable to attend, that's ok -- the sky won't fall 😀 
...You'll be able to access it when I add it to MemberVault in the next few days. 

I think the training will remain free. And if you want to buy the template there will be a small cost for it.

Basically, it is not a webinar pretending to be something else.

This means that there won't be a replay, I won't go on a 20 minute long bragfest, and there won't be a big sales pitch at the end.

I literally jump right into the training like a course.


Because this is something I am creating for the Leaky Website Fix course I'm launching this month. And I know that templates like this always cost money. 

BUT ... it also is my instinct to give before receiving. And honestly --> I can't bring myself to do it any other way anymore.

It is the only way I feel comfortable operating business.

Besides -> I will always want to serve those who may not have the money to pay, but still need help. Trust me, I have been there and have had many others do this for me! 

So please join me on April 2 at 12:30 pm EST @ohsusannamiles. I really hope to see you there!


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