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The sky is falling. What the heck now?

Do you feel awkward doing business when it feels like the sky is falling?

I do.

And honestly…

The advice to “look for opportunity in this” isn’t something I can echo right now.

I totally understand the sentiment.

And they’re right.

I know that it’s often during terrible times that smart (or lucky) businesses thrive.

It just isn’t something that I want to say.

Not because I’m depressed or anything. All things considered, I’m pretty happy and optimistic.

But it got me thinking …

What sort of message do I want to share with you?

So I asked myself – “How can I continue to serve and be the kind of business person I want to be in these crazy, uncertain times? And how can I inspire you to do the same?”

After thinking about it for a while, I realized…

…it comes down to two important things:

  1. Inspiration, and
  2. Potential

I feel like now, more than most other times in our lives, we need inspiration!

We need it so that we can stay motivated, positive, and forward-thinking.

Not just for ourselves, but for others too!

And even though the answer for how to do that is different for everyone, we can all inspire!

I also know that everyone has bucket-loads of untapped potential!

EVEN you!
…Because even the most successful among us has so much more potential to release.

So think about what that is for you:

  • Maybe you’re wasting your professional potential.
  • Maybe you’re wasting the potential you have to be a good friend, parent, partner, child, or community member.
  • Or maybe you have the potential to fall in love with a new hobby that will change your life and bring you untold joy and dare I say… income!

It’s a really great time go inwards and to focus on the potential we want to release.

Here are some things that I’ve been doing and plan on doing to find my way through these scary times.

Hopefully it’ll inspire you to do the same.

Read on to join me on this journey so that you can tap into your potential, inspire, and BE inspired during this scary times.

1) Using Social Media Consciously

In a time where we are stuck in our homes, the desire to connect is greater than ever. It’s making everyone flock to social media even more.

For me though, social media is a major stressor!

It always is, but it’s worse now.

I’m not completely off of it, but I’m conscious about the time I spend on it.

I pick the times of day that I will let myself be on it.

…And when I am on it, I try to focus on conversations and REAL connections.

I certainly connect on posts, but I’m also trying to have more virtual coffee chats and private messages.

I’m doing this with old friends and new.

THIS is where I’m finding inspiration: Real conversations, with real people. AND lots of brainstorming.

It is a great way to help me stay focused on becoming the person (and business person) I aspire to be.

And if you aren’t already doing this, I hope that by sharing this you’re inspired to do the same!

2) Growing My Email List

If you have some cool freebies, this is the time to share them.

Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer Engage equates it to the fact that everyone is in gathering mode. We’re all grabbing at things and holding on to them for dear life! Just look at how society is dealing with toilet paper!

What this means is that ad costs for certain things – like freebies – are down because conversion rates for free things have improved.

I’m also doing some free training sessions, which brings me to…

3) I’m Growing My Reputation

I need goals!  Aside from the fact that I’m a business person and goals are part of the gig, they also keep me focused on positive solutions vs. problems. 

That is always the case, but this is how it looks for me right now:

Before the pandemic, I was planning on releasing a bunch of small courses.

But when all **** hit the fan I thought “hmmm. Does that really make sense in a world where we feel like everything is being taken from us? A world where everyone needs a little more love than usual?”

So … I decided to do them for free.

Not free forever though.

What I’m doing is inviting people to join me for free as I record them live.

What I’m finding is that it feels awesome!

Not only is it motivating. But it sits well with me – probably because I am happier and more comfortable asking when I give first. That’s just how I was raised.

It also goes back to the ideas of “inspire” and “potential” though.

I want to be that person who inspires people. I know that’s who I am at my core!

I also know that I have been shy about stepping into my potential and showcasing my expertise.  

Basically, I’m taking this opportunity to jump in with both feet and go for it!

So, if you are in the same boat, maybe this approach will work for you too.

It’s a great way to give back, build-up your reputation, and maybe even make a little money.

If you’re interested in the free training go on over and like my facebook page @ohsusannamiles. I’ll be posting the events in there.

4) I’m Accomplishing More Things

In a time where it feels like we have lost control over everything I think that getting **** done is more important than ever.

And I’m not just talking about business.

I’m talking about life too.

For example: The weekend before we decided to self-isolate, I picked up paint to do some touch-ups around the house.

Normally that paint would have sat around for months.

Not this time!

I painted 6 days later!

And NO… it’s NOT because I have more time on my hands.

As a personal brand who works alongside her husband at home, I’m not really any busier or slower than normal. And like all personal brands, I always have to be self-motivated!

It has become extra-conscious activity these days though! So much so that my internal motto these days is “Get It The F*** Done, Susanna!”.

As an example, I’ve had tidying our basement on my to-do list for years. But now it’s on my todo list – right after finishing the first draft of this post!

(update: SUCCESS. I still have a long way to go, but I spent an hour down there sorting through what we need to keep and what we don’t).

5) I’m Focusing On Living In The Moment

We usually go for walks, but the intention behind them is different these days.

It’s not just a “let’s get our walk in today” kind of walk.

It’s a “let’s enjoy the air, the sky, and each other” kind of walk.

Also, many people don’t know this about me, but I’ve been making my own skin care products for 20 years.

It’s become such a habit that I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s like cooking or just another chore.

But it’s on my list for tomorrow and I’m really excited about it!!!

I’m going to be conscious about it – like really reveling in the ingredients: beautiful beeswax, shea butter, and extravagant oils like argan and jojoba.

And I’m going to continue working on other things in the same way.

I feel like being conscious and focusing on the things that bring us joy is more that just important. It’s INSPIRING!

6) I’m Doing Things I Don’t Normally Do

Whether or not you’re new to business, being inspired is the best way to be happy, motivated, and also to find your best business ideas.

And one of the best ways to get inspired is by doing things we don’t normally do.

I’m planning on cooking one unusual meal every week. We need to eat. So why not be creative about it and add some unusual new flavors to it!

This is the other reason for the free training that I’m doing this month and next.

I want to help people accomplish something that’s different from their day-to-day activities.
… Something they NEED to do, but normally put off.


Basically, when we do things that are outside of our regular activities, it gets our brains firing in creative ways.

And that is when the best ideas and sparks of inspiration happen!

Plus, it’s a design series, and design is creative, which is so important to happiness.

… And let’s face it – a great-looking brand and website that sells more is important to happiness too!

These are ways that I can inspire and help you unleash you untapped potential! What is that for you?

If you’re interested in the free training go on over and like my facebook page @ohsusannamiles. I’ll be posting the events in there.

What Now? Where do you go from here?

I know, I know.

I don’t want to end this either. It’s been a nice escape for me too! But, I have to get down to that basement at some point!

Here is a summary of ideas that I hope will inspire you to step into your potential in the coming weeks and months:

  • If you have a product, which one of your products can help people the most right now? What will INSPIRE them to stay positive? What will most likely be considered a necessity right now? Focus on promoting that.
  • When you look back on this, what kind of person do you want to be? BE that person. THAT is your true potential. STEP INTO IT! Inspire us as we watch you blossom!
  • Run ads to freebies. If you don’t have any, this might be the perfect time to create them.
  • Do some time-sensitive free training sessions, sell them at a low cost after you’ve done them, then turn them into a challenge.
  • Order some craft-making supplies online and make something cool.
  • Get into your garden and start gardening or order some gardening seeds and plant them on your sill.
  • Clean that area of your house you’ve been avoiding while listening to your favorite tunes.
  • The next time you order groceries, get some ingredients to make something you’ve never made.
  • Have pancakes for dinner!
  • Organize an online summit. It’s great for reputation building AND growing your email list.

Funnily, this crisis has made me even more focused and committed to my mission! I hope it does the same for you. ❤️

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