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My Video Recording And Editing Solution For Digital Courses

I have been trying to find a simple solution for recording course trainings for eons!

I’m not exactly trying to become the queen of video editing or anything. But I want to be able to do it half-decently, without needing a college degree in film.

And boy oh boy… finding something that works was a journey wrought with a lot of trial, error, and rage fits 😀

I actually gave up for a bit.

But I couldn’t let my amazing Selfie Upgrade Challenge training go to waste (like others before it) because of my video editing issues. I couldn’t bare it! So, I committed to figuring it out no matter what!

And committed I was. But after one-too-many bummers, I thought hiring-out was my only option.

But I couldn’t even figure out how to tell someone what to do. And it would have cost a fortune too.

So, if you’re at the “I give up”, too intimidated to even start, or “I just need to figure this out on my own” stage then this post is for you!

I am sharing because I’m really happy with my current solution. I think it’s great for beginners who value quality.

But, first, let me tell you what I WAS doing.

I want to do this so that I can put into perspective why the popular approach I was taking doesn’t work.

Here goes..

The Annoying Old Way

  1. I designed and wrote my presentation in google slides.
  2. I recorded it with Loom.
    >> First I used Zoom but for some reason, I found Loom had fewer barriers.
  3. Aside from adding an intro and outro, I didn’t edit the videos. I would just use Loom to chop off the awkward beginning and end bits. But if I HAD TO edit more, I would use Adobe Premiere Pro.
  4. I used a set of wired earphones ($25).
  5. I would upload it to YouTube and make it private.

Some of the issues with that were:

  • My headphone mic sounded a little too toppy or brassy.
  • I hated people being able to see my whole desktop – from my bookmarks, to my tabs, and all the stuff at the bottom of my screen.
    • I’d always forget to hide my bookmarks bar and close my tabs which felt like a privacy issue to me.
    • I also found it embarrassing and unprofessional that the date and time I was recording at was visible. Especially if t happened to be 4am or something.
  • I always wanted to have my presenter screen on my bigger screen. But you can’t swap presenter screens with Google slides.
  • Some of my brand fonts aren’t google fonts. It was annoying not being able to use them directly on the slides.
  • I thought that because I love all of the other Adobe products, I would love this too. But even after editing 20+ videos for my summit in 2019 it was still painfully hard and annoying.

    There were too many options that I didn’t understand. I had to call one of my husbands filmmaker friends just to figure out the export settings.
  • Uploading took FOREVER!
    • I’d have to stop using my computer for an hour. Or if I was busy I’d have to upload at the end of the day and make sure my computer didn’t go to sleep mid-upload. Otherwise, I would have to start the upload process all over again.

Next …

I bought Flixier to solve the problem of recording and editing. And in terms of editing it is AMAZING.

….But, their screen sharing feature isn’t that great yet.

What I did like is that I could select the part of the screen I wanted it to record. This meant that I could edit out the part of the screen I didn’t want in the video (i.e. Bookmarks, the time, etc.).

The new and improved solution 🙂

  1. I now do my presentations in Powerpoint.
    • I find that it’s a lot easier for these purposes, which I’ll explain below. I can also use all of my fonts which is AWESOME!
  2. I record with Movavi Screen Recorder.
    • This isn’t free, but was very affordable (approx $36CAD for a year).
    • With Movavi, I can put the presenter window on either of my screens with the click of a button.
    • I can also select JUST the area below the tabs and bookmarks. But with my presentation in Powerpoint, that isn’t an issue since I am not using a browser.
  3. I can chop off the beginning and end in the Movavi screen recorder too. It’s dead-simple to do this! Butttt….
  4. I use Flixier to do all of my editing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s easy (it’s video editing afterall) but it is easier than the other programs I’ve tried.
    • And now I’ve become so fancy that I use transitions! :O
  5. I bought a (gold!) Blue Yeti Mini – it was around $150CAD ($110USD).
    • This has improved the sound considerably. I can see how a pricier microphone might be better, but this is still great. I’m happy with it. And did I mention it’s gold! 😀
  6. I can upload my brand fonts and graphics to include between sections of a video. If you have a unique font or very particular look to your brand, this is awesome!
  7. Flixier also makes it easy to share videos with a team. And the uploading to youtube, google docs, or vimeo is insanely fast. It only takes 5 minutes (or 10 on a slow day).

The total cost was about $250CAD ($185USD). But if this is too much for you go without the Yeti for now.

Some other options that I think could work

I got Flixier on Appsumo for $47 – for life. Paying monthly is worth it, but I get that some of you might want to try something a bit cheaper.

Option 1: The Movavi Video Editor could be good. I have it as well, and it hasn’t been as intuitive for me, but the quality seems good and it has some neat features.

It has also been around for a lot longer and probably has a lot of how-to videos on YouTube. Their support is pretty slow so youtube videos would be necessary. (flixier has chat support which is really great).

Option 2: Filmora could be awesome too. To be honest, I haven’t tried it in a while so I can’t remember why I decided not to go with it. But I do remember liking it. It was probably because I got the lifetime deal with Flixier?!

What now?

Simple – Start recording and editing! 😀

Here are some tips to help you improve your editing game AND infuse your brand into your videos:

  • Pause for at least 10 seconds when your video is starting. This will make it easier to cut and add transitions.
  • If you have to stop and start over, pause for 10-20 seconds. This lull in sound will make it easier to find the spot you want to cut out.
  • Pick a few transitions and use them all the time. (ie. fade to white, black, circles, hearts, etc…)
  • Create a graphic that you can use between the sections of your video. And use them over and over.
  • Include your brand fonts and colors in your section graphics whenever you use text overlays.
  • The juries out on this, but I included myself talking in the bottom left of my videos. I find that it adds a little bit of interest. I would do this, even if it’s just at the beginning or end.

Are you struggling with creating a consistent brand? If so, book a discovery session to find out where your biggest holes are.

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