How To Wake up, Show Up, And Take Massive Strides Forward Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been super uninspired ever since my summit ended. I’ve even been in a bit of a funk at points.

I was telling this to a friend this weekend and she was like “whhhhhaaaatttt? hooooowww?”.

She thought I was just killing it and was Ms Energizer Bunny (lol).

And to a point, ya … I am incredibly motivated and excited about things these days. BUT it has taken a lot more energy than usual to get refocused, inspired and clear about what’s next.

But let’s face it right… I’m not the first person this has ever happened to. And I know I won’t be the last.

Buuuut you still need to wake up, show up, and take life-changing strides everyday if you want to live the life you dream of living!

And I have… so I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of the hacks I have in place with you!

Before I share those things I need to say this first!!! It’s really really important so please listen!

Sometimes I just think you need to chill and be easy on yourself. So relax, take time off, and accept shorter days for a bit!

“Take a beat!”.

Other than that, here are the 6 things that I have put in place that allowed me to do that, and to continue “showing up” and finding motivation despite my unwelcome guest, “Mr. Funk”.

Here goes…

I usually have 5-10 scheduled posts.

Worst case scenario is just 2-3. Either way, these are a lifesafer!

I know that people say to do this, but I know that most people don’t! I didn’t until this year and a big part is because I felt like they were unauthentic if they are scheduled.

Well… they’re not. In fact, they’re more authentic, and powerful because I write them in moments of inspiration or clarity so they are totally 100% sincere and full of meaning.

If left them to write every day, I guarantee half of them would be lacklustre, uninspired, and blaaahh… Sometimes I have an idea that I have to share right then, but most of them it was something that came to me in a moment of genius at 1 in the morning.

Besides, I’m in the group every single day, so that’s not something I can hack, and that’s the most important thing because this is when we get to hang out!

I have a trello board with a bunch of half-started posts that I can draw on.

Sometimes I have a half-baked idea that I think is really cool, but need some time to hash it out.

These are the ideas that go into a trello board (or even gmail draft) so I can work on them when I have more mental energy or time.

Lots of these end up being great social media posts, but a lot of them turn into blog posts (like this post that you’re reading right now! – I actually started it 3 or 4 days ago!)

I have themes that I draw on and do google and hashtag searches to see what other people are saying about those things.

This is really easy and I did a lot of this the past few weeks. But it does require that you have some of the important themes around your personal brand!

I did a lot of this during the summit because I knew I needed to prepare stuff but I didn’t have much left inside me after the interviews and preparing for the launch. (most of the ideas I had FROM the interviews went into trello boards!).

So off to google and social media I went to get inspired.

Warning: Too much time doing this can lead to anxiety about your ability to be creative (ahhhh. Everyone is creative what’s wrong with me is my mojo gone forever???!!!) though, so I suggest you limit this and focus on some of the other items in this list as well. 😝

I read more

I always get ideas from books that I read. They’re usually on business or mindset but even those awesome brainless fiction books work work really well. I’ve gotten some of my most engaged posts from content I wrote that was inspired by some cheesy easy-read!

Sometimes I read go-to books like “The Big Leap”. And I did that this month – it’s almost a form of meditation during funky times and always helps me get past my upper limits.

But I also bought a new one which helped me work my mindset and get into a better “vibe”. Sometimes you’re just ready to hear the same thing in a new way. So, be open to that too.

I listen to podcasts.

There are a few podcasts I listen to a lot because they’re so in line with what I believe. A lot of my content is inspired from them because they get me thinking about things in a new way.

If you listen to really good ones, they also have the added benefit of making you feel ok about needing to take a beat.

Any good online marketer gets that sometimes things just get to be too much and you need to chill. Most of them make reference to balance and self care at least once!

Work somewhere different

This is part of my regular routine because I find that getting out of my normal environment helps me think more creatively. I also like being around people!

But, it becomes extra-important during down-times.

This time I even went a town-over to work on day. It has the added benefit of getting you out for a ride where you can listen to good music and podcasts, while enjoying the scenery.

So what now? Where should you start?

I suggest that you start by figuring out where to put ideas when you have them. This can be a gmail draft or trello like I do.

After that, start implementing things one by one until they become almost natural. I didn’t realize until writing this post that I’ve been implementing these things little by little over the last year – and now they’re practically habit!

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