What you don’t know about Me…

I’m working on creating my first webinar. It’s pretty exciting but it’s also the hardest funnel I’ve ever had to work on to be honest, except for maybe the summit 😀 This time though, I really want to share my experience – my takeaways, lessons, and inner-battles. My goal is to post something every Tuesday (except for when I’m gone on vacation in August), so hopefully you’ll join me and create an awesome webinar of your own.


I often talk about the blog that got me started when I worked online, but I rarely talk about what it was or what happened with it. And to be honest, it’s a little funny talking about it now because it was our 12 year anniversary this weekend.

The reason the timing is so funny is because my first online business was a niche wedding blog. This week, while working on creating a webinar for my 1-1 program re-launch in the fall, I am thinking a lot about that blog and the mistakes I made with it.

Those of you who follow me, know that niche’ing is my thing. It’s my guiding light – always has been. It is the very first part of my program — and I strongly believe that it’s one of the most important parts. And when you look at my blog, I even knew it in the beginning.

But… I didn’t fully understand the power of it, so there were some pretty big holes that very negatively effected my ability to create a powerful personal brand.

Now, as I grow my program and am working getting more and more clear on who my experience and process can help the most I am thinking a lot about that blog – and consciously learning from it to make sure I don’t make the same mistake.

Let me tell you about the issue with that blog.

What I realized near the end of its life, is that I didn’t really want to write about “simple” weddings. And in a way, my wedding wasn’t even “simple”.

My wedding was small, it was low-budget, and it was quaint and un-fancy.
We made our own table settings, invites favors, etc. It was very DIY and budget! And I learned near the end of my blogs life that most people don’t really consider all that “Simple”.

For them, simple was none of that really. It was buying invites, not even having any major decorations, and maybe even eloping. So, there was a big disconnect.

That lack of of connection causes a lot of problems in branding. I see it all the time, even for people having a certain level of success.

For example, even though my lead magnets converted at about 40% to cold traffic, I wasn’t building up my personal brand like others in the industry. And that disconnect between the content, message, and offerings is a big part of why that happened.

If I had focused on the budget-aspect I could have niched further by talking DIY or even unique or special + budget. Had I done that, it would have been much easier to build up a following and my personal brand.

So to clarify the problem this is it >>> My idea of a simple weddings not the same for most people. This caused a disconnect and meant that people weren’t getting what they expected or wanted on the site or in the things I was telling them to do or buy.

What could I have done to avoid that?

The most obvious thing is “talking to people”.

One the most important and unique aspects of my coaching program is the fact that I won’t let anyone work in a bubble. Market research is always, and will always be a huge part of it.

Nothing is ever for-sure, but I learned that it is the one thing that can speed up a projects success and avoid downturns due to poor planning or offerings.

It’s also incredibly valuable because it can give you the confidence in what you’re creating and what you should charge. Plus, you’ll know what your people need to hear in order to see that it’s a fit for them.

I’ve been doing market research for the past week and it’s been awesome. I have learned so much and am really excited to create one hell of a program!

Here’s What I’ve Learned

I have learned some amazing things about the people I want to work with. I reeaallly get people so I got a lot of it. BUT, I learned that I had all sorts of mindset blocks around who they are, what they need, and what they’d expect from a program like mine.

I was struggling with what to add to the program to really give people an outcome they desire but was unsure. Now, after 4 calls, I am feeling pretty darned confident about it.

I know I can help with the things almost every one of them voiced because they already see me as an authority in those areas. And I am pretty excited about sharing my ways to help them too!

What’s next?

If you haven’t noticed I like to end my posts with a little bit of something for you to do next.

I hope that with this post, you know that you should go on out and get clear about who you serve, then give them the product they actually need and want. Do your danged research ya’ll! 😀

And, if you want help please reach out.

For those of you who don’t know I’ve been working to digital marketing agencies. designers, and freelancers gain clarity around their personal brands and to create a 7-part success flow that is guaranteed to turn strangers into success stories. Now, I’m building it up to offer more help with content planning as well as a plan for people to follow during and after our work together ends.

If you like the sounds of that, I’m offering a sweet deal on my new program (think old program price for the new program material!). Send me a message if you like the sounds of that.