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Would you like a low-tech, affordable, and fast way to set up An e-commerce store?

This was a question I could feel in the air when governments started closing down brick and mortar stores.

And to be honest – I didn’t have an answer at first.

Partly because I’ve been working with clients who have more complex needs. And partly because the last time I looked for a solution I couldn’t find anything.

But that changed when Covid19 hit.

Here’s how I found the solution…

The hunt started one Sunday afternoon – about a week into self-isolating – when I was getting a little bit stir-crazy. At the time it was still acceptable to go for car-rides, so that’s what I did.

Overall, it was the break I needed. But it also made me feel sad.

I came home wondering what would happen to all of the local brick and mortar stores that I love so much.

So, I thought … “What can little’ole me do To help?”

I knew that buying gift certificates is ONE thing we could do to help.
…But I looked, and that wasn’t an option for most of the restaurants and shops that I love.

I thought to myself…

“Susanna! You’re an online problem solver. You literally spend half of your time looking for strategies that work for people based on their situation! SOLVE THIS!!”.

~By ME! Susanna Miles

But all I could think was “it takes time and money to build a site and store!”

I thought back to a few years earlier when I wanted so desperately to help businesses like this. At the time, I couldn’t find any good solutions.

So I decided there was nothing I could do and gave up.

But a few days later, a memory from 10 years ago popped into my head.
– It was the memory of selling my first ebook back in 2009.

I remembered the tool I used and low-and-behold that same tool still existed!

It looked way slicker and fancier (than even 4 or 5 years ago) so I tried it out.

And you know what –> I ended up being really impressed!

I decided that it’s the PERFECT solution for getting an eCommerce store up and running quickly, easily(ish), and without a ton of money.

Watch the video below to learn all about it!

This is the exact live (online) training I did for local stores in my hometown on April 3, 2020.

In it, I talk about the many options available, the one I picked, and why.

It will definitely help you determine if this is what YOU need for YOUR business.

Basically, it will do what most small businesses need AND MORE!

Honestly – it’s pretty darn good considering the cost!

And you know what?! –> I’d probably pick this over WooCommerce and Shopify in A LOT of situations.

Sure, those are great tools. And if you have time, and are ready to jump into eCommerce with both feet, they’re probably the most flexible.

But you know what?
– This solution wasn’t missing anything important.

Honestly – it’s awesome!

So if you aren’t techie, don’t have complex needs, funnels, and don’t have a big budget this will totally work for you.

After I found the solution I decided that I didn’t want to throw people into it. So, I decided to do a step-by-step training as well.

I know that you’re smart and can probably figure it out on your own!

But I also remember being really stressed out with launches and just wishing someone would just show me.

If that’s you, you can watch the 52-minute course that will show you how to do it right here. I’m not sure if I’ll be giving it away for free forever. But, it’ll be available for free at least while we’re all trying to adjust with Covid19.

I hope you enjoyed that!

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