Meet Susanna Miles

“To build trust in your brand, I hone in on what makes you unique and then help you tell that story across all digital mediums.”

Hi, I’m Susanna

an inbound marketing strategist who specializes in creating online experiences that tell your story and grows your business.

From lead generation, nurture marketing and website design, to all the related design collateral (promo graphics, PDF’s, and newsletters) I help you create a cohesive user experience that inspires your clients/customers to become ambassadors for your brand. 

My excitement with the potential of the online world began in the late 90, while I was studying Marketing & Design. Since that time I’ve become certified in web-based Information Architecture and began building various businesses while honing my skills as a designer and marketer.

The first, and most powerful thing I learned is the power of capturing leads (email addresses). It has been the cornerstone of every online business I’ve started and the first thing I suggest all new clients do if they aren’t already.

My success marketing my own online business landed me a job with Toronto internet marketing firm Envoke. While working with them I managed the Google Adwords campaigns for their top 2 clients, developed all of their statistical reports, and worked on landing page design. It was a boot camp and finishing school for online marketing, and I learned a ton.



I’m not just another “social media guru” or “web designer”.

Your website is a tool to attract your ideal clients or customers and to grow your relationship with them. Your website, combined with social media, email marketing, and online advertising is a way to grow and maintain your authority in your niche while assiting in the growth of your leads and clients.

As an entrepreneur, I have tested every marketing and design tactic and only use what works best to help you grow your business. I make it my mission to only share ideas and recommendations that will work best with your niche and personal style while giving you excellent value and return on investment. 

To build trust in your brand, I hone in on what makes you unique and then help you tell that story across all digital mediums.

  • When your story is cohesive and compelling people are inspired, and become loyal customers and/or ambassadors of your brand. They are excited to share your story with everyone they know.
  • When people know what you want them to – click, sign up, order, or something as simple as make a reservation or appointment – you are creating an environment that’s welcoming, exciting, and fun for clients.
  • Making your unique value obvious helps to bring the right people to your website or store, and ultimately turns them into clients or customers

“When your story is cohesive people are inspired, and become loyal customers. They are excited to share your story with everyone they know.”

I loved working with Susanna to redesign my website! It was a fun, creative process and I learned a ton. In addition to helping me design my site she also showed me how to use my website and the internet to find clients and support the ones I already had. I think what I valued most was the fact that she respected my personal style and supported me in finding an approach that worked for me.

Vaishali Patel

Psychotherapist, Serving Human Well-being

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