Personalized Services

I will work with you to use the power of words and design to build a brand that feels authentic and has an irresistible voice. Here are my general services.

Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of who you are, what you stand for, and what you value. It's also how others will see you - so it has to be perfect! I like to make logos that are clean and simple, but beautiful at the same time.

Conversion Consulting

I use data to help me determine how to best target your audience - not what we think they want, but what they really want. Audience research, strategy, copywriting, email and ad creation are all part of this process.

Content Marketing Strategy

I help small business owners align their content marketing strategies with their goals. Your editorial schedule will be designed in collaboration with you to drive traffic both in the short and long term. 

Many of my clients don't need a complete website overhaul. They just need someone to help them clarify and communicate their brand to better connect with their customers.

I often find that my clients are presenting a lot of information in a way that makes their visitors confused. I work with words and images to help my clients articulate their messages more effectively.

(Starts @ $1,500)


Small brands can count on me to create beautiful, professional graphics for their online and offline materials, including e-books, workbooks, and courses!  

As they are often done at the end of a campaign, many lack the energy and motivation to do it well. However, I have seen graphics make or break a message, and I think it's important to make sure that your assets complete your story.

My motto: Anything you can imagine can be improved by adding some awesome graphics. (Starts @ $150)

Marketing Asset Design

I help small brands build marketing and sales funnels. My services include design, copywriting, and even strategy planning on how to connect your offerings with your customer base.

(Starts at $1,000)

Funnel Design


In addition to my personalized services, I also have some packages to help you gain clarity and move your business forward.

Conversion & Marketing

10 Sessions Over 3 Months

These collaborative sessions will help you improve your business objectives. Then, depending on your goals, we will optimize your website, funnel, ads, or emails to make them perform better.

You'll learn marketing best practices and goal setting based on data - not guesswork.

Marketing Plan

2 Sessions, 3 Hours

The Online Marketing Plan Intensive workshop is a two-day workshop designed to help businesses create, execute and implement online marketing plans. In other words, it helps you bridge the gap between your strategy and execution.  

You'll find out how to plan your marketing efforts effectively and discover strategies that can increase your results.

Brand Clarity

3 Sessions, 2.5 Hours

This intensive will help you clarify your brand's voice, personality, and story, allowing you to confidently "get out there". We uncover your brand's deepest values, principles, and purpose through intense collaboration sessions - the pillars that infuse all business decisions.

You'll learn how to create a sustainable, distinct and authentic brand personality.

Brand Identity

2-4 Meetings

A strong brand identity can help you build trust and confidence in your business. This is essentially everything that creates the first impression of your business from the moment someone glances at it. 

We work with you to create a complete Brand Board - including colors, fonts, textures, blog elements, and a logo (if needed).

Need Help Managing Your Online Marketing?

A VA is not providing you with what you need? But is a full-time marketing manager totally out of reach financially as well? Are you looking for someone with integrated marketing skills to help you manage your marketing? If so, we should speak!

Each relationship starts with a marketing intensive. During this period, we will look at your marketing activities, see where you need more focus, and make a plan for how I can support you.

Do you need an Assistant Coach For Your Group Program?

Group programs are exciting! If your sanity and health are threatened as a result of your commitment though, let's talk!

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