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Out-think. Out-create. Out-convert.

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Although I love working with my 1-on-1 clients, I also enjoy helping people who are not ready to hire me. I have created these courses for them. They are designed for you to complete on your own, but I am also available for questions, feedback, and explanations.

These Are My Marketing & Branding Courses

Who Is This For:

The Selfie Upgrade course is for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and professionals who want to have professional headshots done for their website, social media profiles and marketing materials but don't want to invest in a photographer.

Selfie Upgrade

Is it hard for you to take a decent photo of yourself? Are you unsure how to use your device's camera to get pictures?

After being a stylist and assistant for years, I can teach you what I know so you can take better photos for yourself and your business.

It’s a complete course on selfie photography that teaches you everything you need to know – from what to wear to how to stand to how to color-correct your shots so they look great.

Who Is This For:

This course is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and professionals who want to create a professional-looking brand. It's also for VA's or newer designers who want to learn the theory of good design and to level-up their skills.

Love Your Brand Vibe

Are you in love with your brand? If not, this course will help you create a brand based on the impact you want to achieve - without spending thousands of dollars on professional designers.

You'll learn how to create a unique look and feel by choosing the right colors, typefaces, textures, etc. And you'll know how to mix and match these elements to make something that works well for your brand.

Who Is This For:

This course is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and professionals who want to build a free lead generating funnel that has the potential to scale into a full-blown online business, all from scratch - without investing a dime.

The Facebook Funnel Kit

This course is for you if you want to get more leads from organic Facebook networking but don't know where to start. I show you how to make a Facebook Funnel that works to get the clients you need in order to grow your business.

The following is a complete, step-by-step course with templates that help you create amazing images for your funnels so that you can start generating leads quickly and confidently. The only requirement is a bit of effort on your part.

MindFlow Planners

MindFlows are simple, nimble, and flexible frameworks that help you get clear about what you're doing, what you need to do next, and how to execute. They're made for entrepreneurs struggling with ADHD or executive function issues. But anybody struggling with overwhelm or confusion will benefit from them.

1 Page Yearly Goals Planner

This is a planner designed to make you focus on your goals. The sheet has only one page and has blank spaces for you to write down your quarterly goals and monthly objectives.

 Since people with ADHD are often overly ambitious with their yearly goals (the number one reason people who set goals fail at achieving them), I created this planner.

The ability to see everything at a glance helps you prioritize the things you want to accomplish according to their significance.

90-Day Goals Planner

In this planner, you include quarterly focuses (that you wrote in your yearly goals planner) as well as three major tasks you want to accomplish each month.

With ADHD, planning for shorter term goals provides better chances for success as it reduces the worry about completing large tasks with unexplained factors. 

The goal of this process is to help you get organized, avoid overwhelm, and eliminate distractions so you can focus on and accomplish what's really important.

Weekly Planner

The weekly planner should act as a quick-view for keeping track of meetings, important dates, as well as priorities.

This worksheet includes a space for writing down your priorities, long-term goals, important meetings and deadlines in the course of the week.

This approach is very useful for helping the ADHD brain to stay focused on the short-term (and perhaps less sexy) actions that we need to accomplish.

Although I hope to have a website for these planners soon, you can view them all on Etsy for now.

A note about the MindFlow Planners:

I am deeply passionate about sharing these marketing and productivity frameworks with neurodiverse business owners. I look forward to seeing how they will help them reach their potential and share their genius with the world. 

I'm eager to discuss this with others, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I would love to contribute to your blog or speak at your summit or podcast about this! Let's spread the word together.