I am a storyteller. A problem solver, a strategist and a creative with a background in the arts & marketing. However, most importantly, my passion is for solving complex issues, building beautiful brands, and creating useful products that help incredible people achieve amazing things! 

Hi, I'm Susanna.

I'm a web designer, branding consultant, and content marketing manager living in Ontario, Canada with my husband and two gorgeous cats. I'm a serial entrepreneur with a degree in fashion marketing and have a curious, creative and enthusiastic spirit.

That spirit has served me well as a fashion stylist, photographers' assistant, production manager, events planner, ads manager, content creator, web designer, and brand strategist/coach.

For over a decade, I have helped small brands and companies grow online. Over the years I have worked in the following areas: content creation (blogs, social media), copywriting (funnels, websites, emails), design (social media, website, print), and conversion optimization (SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads).

My Style

With my clients, I take the time to truly understand their business, so that I can create an effective, beautiful brand that stands out from the competition, and moves business forward.

My focus is on growing your brand and sales by increasing content engagement and conversions. To do this, I help you build your strategy, identify your strengths, clarify your goals, and execute. 

Since smaller brands tend to have a more authentic message, I love working with them.

My promise: We will create immersive and memorable experiences using words, pictures, and strategy to help drive leads, increase sales, boost brand awareness, and reduce stress for your business.

My Latest Project

My latest project is very personal to me. My love of design is combined with my training in information architecture and my experience as an entrepreneur with undiagnosed ADHD.

ADHD creates many challenges - like overwhelm, indecisiveness, forgetfulness, etc. But, by leveraging my inclination for information architecture and the deeper meanings of color and layout, I've created a few tools to help me and clients achieve focus and clarity.

The opportunity to share these marketing and productivity frameworks with neuro-diverse business owners is extremely important to me. I am even more excited about their ability to help others reach their potential and share their genius with the world. 

We could talk about this on your blog, podcast, summit, or just you and me on Zoom.

I am amazed at how design and process-driven frameworks can assist (not just ADHD people) during this intense period. Please send me a message over here.

"In a culture of hustle, half-truths and fantastical tales of overnight-success I just promise to be there for you - everyday! Helping you craft your very own success story with thoughtful, reliable support." 

Susanna Miles

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