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A Super Simple Way To Come Up With An Awesome Group, Show, Or Membership Name Even If You’re Not Creative

Naming a membership, Facebook group, or show can be really hard!

We’ve all been there! You want it to be cool. But you also want it to be descriptive.

Buuuuttt… you really, really want it to be cool too! 🙂

Unfortunately, the harder you try, the harder the wall is that you keep running into!

And you WISH you could come up with something unique and different, but it’s just not happening!

Instead, all of the names you come up with are hokey, boring, or like every other name out there.

But guess what?! –> Being unique is practically impossible these days!

So my suggestion is to stop worrying about being unique.

INSTEAD –> think more about how to make it feel like YOU.

…Because this is the magic behind a really incredible brand anyways.

Here’s my super easy approach

I am giving you (in the list below) a bunch of really awesome nouns that you can use to give your group, show, or membership a sense of camaraderie and exclusivity.

Here’s how it works –> Let’s pretend you’re creating a group, show, or membership about “Mindset”.

All you have to do is add one or two (or maybe even 3) of the nouns from the list below for the perfect, totally you name.

Things like alliteration are cool, but not a must. Just have fun and write out as many ideas as you can without worrying about finding the perfect one.

Here are some examples of what you could come up with:

  • Mindset Babes Brigade
  • Entrepreneurs Mindset Collective
  • Driven And Daring Mindset Divas
  • Mindset Mastery For Mom’s

See how each one has a totally different vibe?!

Now it’s time for you to come up with YOUR perfect group, show, or membership name.



  • Membership Academy
  • SEO Masters Academy
  • Click Funnels Design Academy
  • Dream Big Academy


  • Side Hustle Army
  • The Sewing Army
  • Positive People Army


  • Biz Template Babe
  • Manifestation Babes
  • Location Independant Biz Babes
  • Goal Digging Boss Babes


  • The Rich Spiritual Money Bitches
  • Psychobike 2 Not For Bitches


  • Unstoppable Girl Boss
  • Girl Boss Bloggers
  • YouTube For Bosses
  • Market Like A Boss
  • Build Like A Boss


  • Business Brainery
  • The Oils Brainery
  • ADHD Brains


  • Toronto Bike Brigade
  • The Tony Robbins Foundation – International Basket Brigade
  • The Sens Brigade


  • The Tantric Brotherhood
  • The Billion Dollar Brotherhood


  • The Beauty Bunch
  • The Bloggers Biz Bunch


  • Scarborough Centurians


  • Inner Goddess Circle
  • Canva Design Circle
  • Marketing To Millionaires Success Circle


  • The Scale-up Club
  • The Copy Club
  • 7 Day Launch Club


  • Blogging Babes Collective
  • The Freelance Copywriter Collective
  • Etsy Canada Collective


  • Business Babe Community
  • Millennial Entrepreneur Community
  • The Smart Passive Income Community


  • The Hustle Crew
  • Happy Brew Crew


  • Helena Hunting’s Beaver Den
  • The Wheaten Den


  • Wunder Divas
  • Diamond Divas
  • Discount Divas
  • Direct Sales Divas


  • Succulent Dreamers
  • The Unicorn Dreamers
  • Bluetech Dreamers


  • Affiliate Marketing Dude
  • Dudes With Dogs
  • Dude Dad
  • The Church of the Latter-Day Dude (lol)


  • Project Echelon
  • Upper Echelon Gaming


  • Elite Strategy Secrets
  • The BEACH Elite


  • Dental Fellows


  • Instagirl Gang
  • Thrifty Girl Gang
  • Spiritual Gangsters
  • Digital Gangsta


  • The Red Elephant Herd
  • That Stationary Nerd Herd



  • The Duck Hub (seriously! It’s for duck lovers!)
  • The Smart Women’s Business Hub
  • Health & Happiness Hub
  • Fundraising Hub


  • Insta Girl Gang
  • Gen X Girl Gang (had to join this one!)


  • Leads Geeks
  • Programming and Development Geeks
  • Boardgame Geeks


  • Adult ADHD Support Group
  • The Paper Outpost Group

Inner Circle

  • Inspired Inner Circle
  • Click Funnels Inner Circle


  • Digital Insiders
  • Digital Marketer Insiders
  • Goal Digger Podcast Insiders
  • Disney Movie Insiders


  • Digital Marketing Institute


  • Natural Skincare Junkies (this was one of mine from back in the day)
  • Stamp Junkies
  • Art Journal Junkies


  • Digital Marketers Lab
  • SEO Signals Lab


  • The Private Label Legion


  • The Business Lounge For Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Wealthy Teachers Lounge
  • The Lady Startup Lounge
  • The Content Marketing Lounge


  • Influential Mamas
  • Boss Moms
  • Rebel Mamas
  • Organic Mamas


  • Content Marketing Masters
  • Private Label Masters
  • Facebook Masters
  • Etsy Sellers Masters


  • Life Vision Mastery
  • Funnel Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery
  • Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery


  • MentorBox Mastermind
  • Real Estate Mastermind
  • Skincare Entrepreneur Mastermind


  • Adwords Mavens
  • Beauty Mavens
  • Divine Manifestation Mavens
  • Salon Social Media Mavens


  • Digital Mavericks
  • Money Mavericks Cashflow Group


  • Hero Nation
  • Believe Nation
  • Side Hustle Nation
  • Sculpt Nation


  • Shopify Nerds
  • Disney Nerds
  • Canadian Sourdough Nerds
  • Market Like A Nerd


  • Prosperous Entrepereneur’s Power Pack
  • Wolf Pack


  • Fitness Pals
  • Instagram Gal Pals


  • Platoon Company Swap
  • The Official Revelation Wellness Platoon


  • Instagram Daily Engagement Growth Pod
  • Linked In Growth Pod


  • The Purpose Posse
  • The Persuasion Posse


  • Virtual Assistant Savvies
  • Marketing & Sales Savvies


  • Women Rocking Business Sisterhood
  • Rising Women Sisterhood


  • Dead Poets Society 😀
  • The Solopreneur Society
  • Zero to CEO Exclusive Society


  • Instagram Influencers Squad
  • Online Boss Squad
  • Sezzy Squad


  • The RPG Brain Trust
  • Friends Who Like the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


  • Digital Marketing Tribe
  • Tribe (yep. Just that)

Troop or Troupe

  • Beauty Troop


  • Small Business Owners United
  • Personal Trainers & Online Personal Trainers United!
  • Gym Owners United


  • Sales Funnel VIPs
  • Heal VIP

And You Can Use More Than One!

  • Elite VIP
  • VIP Groups
  • That Stationary Nerd Herd
  • Tribe Hub
  • VIP Inner Circle
  • Biz Babe Collective
  • Digital Marketer Lab Elite
  • The Blog Boss Tribe
  • Boss Babe
  • Centurian Motorcycle Club
  • Sales Maven Society
  • Pod Nation Community

Now What?

Now that you have all of these cool prompts, grab a tea and brainstorm your little heart out.

If you end up using one of these nouns in your name – awesome!

If not, that’s cool too.

There are tons of groups, shows, and memberships that don’t use this approach.

Your only job is making sure the name is clear, feels like you, and sounds like something your dream customers would want to participate in.

So go! Brainstorm!

… and if you hate all of your ideas, take a break. It WILL come to you over the next few days.

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