7 Ways To Prove You’re An Authority On Your Website (And Get More Sales!)

I’m hanging out at Starbucks today. I’m working on some cool new ways to make some extra money this month.

Anyways, while going over some pain points to figure out a good new offer, I thought about something that a couple of people have brought up with me in the last few weeks.


I was surprised, because if I met these two people on the street, I would have assumed they’d have no problem showing authority on their site. But, it was an actually an issue for them. And it really seemed like it was affecting their sales!

So, two people in such a short time seems like a bit of a sign. I should share right!

In those conversations here are the 7 things I shared between the two of them.

1. Testimonials

First off, don’t hide them.

Include them on your home page, landing pages, and if you have enough of them create a link in your navigation (or footer) to a page with more of them.

This is an indication that people buy your product, that your product is valuable to them, and why.

These things are so important when someone is making a decision about working with you or buying one of your products.

I know that not having these has made me decide against certain products – or greatly increased the time before I did feel comfortable taking the plunge and handing over my hard-earned money.

Testimonials have helped me understand why a product or service will stand out, what people like the most about it, and may even share more details that aren’t included (or I missed) on the sales page.

2. Case Studies

If you’ve been in a business for a while chances are you probably have some successes that you can share.

If your stories are pretty short, you can write blog posts, or even create a “Case Studies” section on your site. If you have a really beefy and impressive case study you can turn it into a lead magnet – which is something I’ve done.

If there are issues of confidentiality, change the business name and/or industry. Just make sure to keep the numbers and other details the same.

If you’re new or simply haven’t had any great clients you may be getting that sick to your stomach feeling. That dread of “omg. I am never going to be able to do this. I suck. Life sucks. I should just give up and be a server at McDonalds forever”,  followed by that desire to retreat to a corner where you will curl up and cry while eating bonbons.

Please, don’t fret! It took me a long time to get some good ones too! For now, focus on the Authority signals that you CAN add to your site!

As far as Case Studies go, it is definitely something to aim for though. See it as an inspiration to find the types of clients that you DO want to work with.

3. Video

I know I know. I hate video too!

It’s scary. And awkward! And soooooo annoying 🙁

But when you’re strategic about it, it’s a great way to show your authority AND build trust.

If you have the urge to cry or run or just want to vomit at the thought of it, you’re not alone.

I found myself steering clear of it for the longest time. And when I’d ask about it in online biz Facebook Groups, I could actually feel the rise in irritation in the group!

Just this past month I started to practice more and already find myself getting more comfortable. I found that I had to make some really stupid ones, and had try a bunch of dumb tools before I found something that worked for me. I am no James Wedmore and I’m sure my tools will change as I grow, but it’s a start.

Pictures are great, and you should have those too, but video goes far too. So get started, look stupid, and be annoyed. It’s all part of the journey and even though new starts are painful they are also very exciting!

4. Featured on…

If you’ve been lucky enough to be featured in a magazine, blog or rating site, SHARE THIS on your site. OMG – SHARE IT! This is awesome!!!!

I have a client with a 5 star review on Trip Advisor for his restaurant. Guess where we this is featured on his site? Every.Single.Page!

It works too! New customers mention it to him when they go in all the time!

5. Social Media Shout Outs

While similar to a Testimonial, this is a little different. It can work for anything, but is especially good for hard good ecommerce businesses.

A social media shout it is basically photos or updates your clients share about your product while they are using it. Like, drinking a new latte flavor at the beach. Or wearing a fancy sarong of yours.

Not only does this show how they can use your product (which is hugely beneficial). But, it also shows that people like it enough to be bothered to share!

One way to share these is to include a widget of JUST these posts on your website. They would be incredibly powerful on product pages too – just make sure to showcase the same product.

6. Blog posts

Blog are a great way to show people what you know! BUT, they have the added benefit of being great for SEO too.

A little tip that took me a long time to accept is that being an authority doesn’t mean that you have to know it all. If you quote bigger names in your industry and share your own thoughts or how you’ve applied what they said that is very helpful and powerful too.

It takes a long time to be one of the “Greats”. In the meantime, piggy back off of their knowledge and help people understand it or apply it to their businesses.

7. Examples of Your Work/A Portfolio

This is a great way to show your authority if you’re a designer but can work for a lot of other people as well.

I get that there are sometimes confidentiality issues, but find a way and showcase some of your great work for others to see and admire.

Moving Forward

I know it can be overwhelming updating your site and making it “perfect”. That’s why I’m not going to tell you to do ALL of these on your site. A, some of them might not be relevant for you (yet). And B, I know you wouldn’t anyways 😉

Besides, I haven’t added all of these to my own site so certainly don’t expect you to either.

It’s all a journey right …

Just make an effort to add 2 or 3 of these to your website in the next month or two. If you do, you’ll be leaps and bounds beyond a ton of others.

And when you have a good reason to add another, do it!

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