How To Find The Perfect Lead Magnet Idea. And Make Sure It Has The Vavoom To Convert.

Don’t you get so frustrated when you put a lead magnet out there and people don’t sign up for it.

YOU know it’s amazing!

But, no one else seems think that it is. And you can’t help but wonder – how in the heck do other people get it right all the time?

The reason I’m inspired to write this post is because I shared a lead magnet idea with a mentor and he was like “I don’t get it?“.

And honestly, that has never happened to me before. I was shocked because traditionally I have been really good at coming up with lead magnets.

What the heck happened?

Let be begin by saying it wasn’t a bad idea. I was actually vindicated when I saw a huge influencer promoting pretty much the same thing for $7.

I’ll explain a bit more about how that miscommunication happened later (because it’s really important), but right now, because this is something that has always come easily to me, I want to talk about how YOU can find an awesome lead magnet for your business too!

I want to start by telling you about the really great system I’ve used to find great lead magnets over, and over again! And, it works like a charm every time!

But some businesses or niches don’t always have it that easy. So, I’ll tell you how some other people figure it out too.

I also want to tell you how you can give your existing lead magnet a little Vavoom! Like – how do you give it a little flavor of your own authentic personal brand?!

Let’s start with my 2 early blogs, how I came up with the lead magnets, and Why They Converted So Amazingly

My very first blog was a wedding blog. It was all about “simple” weddings.

It was in the days where SEO and Keyword research worked a bit differently. To be honest, it was a lot easier.

After picking a niche and using an awesome keyword tool it was sooooo easy making my first $400/mo with adsense AUTOMATICALLY (on autopilot!). It took a couple months and about 10 blog posts. (not kidding!!!)

And even though I knew nothing about online marketing at the time, I must have read the right blog post because I knew enough to create an email list – which I did right away.

I did it very easily too!

I used a keyword tool to find a phrase that was popular, but not a lot of other people were targeting (so google might actually list me on page 1), and made sense as a lead magnet.

The keyword I picked was “Wedding Planner”. Simple enough right…

But… I was a brand positioning natural so I was going to give my people any ole planner! Mine had a spin. In addition to wedding planner for people who wanted a simple wedding, I decided to see how a DIY wedding planner would go over too!

Low-and-behold they both did well. But the DIY Wedding Planner converted quite a lot better!

(FYI. Positioning an niche’ing has ALWAYS been a thing in marketing!)

Those lead magnets converted at 30% and 40% for the 4 years I ran that blog.

My second successful lead magnet

The second blog was related to homemade skin care. I basically wrote about natural ingredients and simple homemade recipes.

I followed the same principle for coming up with this lead magnet too. I did keyword research and looked for a fairly popular term that made sense as a lead magnet.

In this case, I settled on the phrase “essential oil use chart”.

But, I wasn’t going to create your everyday essential oil use chart (like most other natural beauty sites did). I created an essential oil use chart FOR SKIN CARE!

This was pretty unique and helpful because it didn’t bother mentioning all of the health-related stuff that a DIY skin care enthusiast doesn’t need on their chart. It was 100% focused on the oils that are good for skin care and what they do for skin.

As you can imagine this one converted really well too – about 30% for years. And frankly, the landing page for this one was pretty simple so I bet it could have done a lot better!

I’ve had this work with several clients too – a real estate agent for example. We created a lead magnet around first time buyers, and another around selling a second home. These gave him multiple organic leads from his site every single day for years!

Sometimes it’s not that obvious though. Sometimes it takes a little more stealth Research.

To be perfectly honest, I think that keyword research is still one of the best ways to come up with ideas for lead magnets. Something like the google keyword tool works great. But “Ask The Public” can be pretty awesome too!

The reason I think it’s so great is because you’re meeting people where they’re at. They want “_____” and you can create it for them. There’s no question about whether or not people want it.

Then, all you need to do is add your spin to make sure you attract the right people onto your list. Easy Peasy.

But every so often it’s hard to find something that makes sense. And let’s face it, those research tools can’t give you your positioning.

In those situations, you just need to know your ideal client inside and out.

For example….

What do people want to do with social media? Simple enough… they want to make money without wasting time. And most would rather do this organically, and for free too. If you’re a social media expert and you can do that for them – AWESOME!

The positioning comes with how? Trish Leto uses 5 minute lives. Samantha Brown uses The Dream 100. Chad Thibodeaux uses The Give Method.

And there are hundreds of other people who do the same.

Google won’t tell you that people are searching for those things. BUT if you know your audience really, really well you’ll know that that’s exactly what they need. And chances are you’ll be able to give it to them. Even if it takes you a little bit of time to figure it out your own spin.

But if you don’t have a neat and tidy keyword to use, and aren’t totally confident about what you think your ideal customer wants I suggest you employ the Give Method.

Basically – you’re not doing a traditional ask campaign. You’re giving. But not like Chad does it.

When you’re deciding what your lead magnet should be, do short little trainings on what you think your people are interested in, and then what will happen is they’ll either start saying things like “Omg. You are so right. Yayaya.” Or they’ll add to it and say what they are actually thinking or want. This is the gold!

My only caveat is that you’re taking feedback from the right people – like your ideal client. Not just some rando’s who would never be your client.

The Vavoom!

In the title I tell you how to give your lead magnet the Vavoom it needs to convert even higher.

I’ve already given hints on how to do this in here several times. Basically, the Vavoom comes in how you spin a very basic concept.

For example – you could spin an essential oil use chart in ton of different ways. Here are two…

  • one for people with cats (because most essential oils are actually very bad for cats)
  • one for people with babies and young kids (because there are very few essential oils safe for kids
  • etc…

And the same goes for a wedding planner:

  • One for low budget weddings (because there are certain things a budget bride would focus on less with a small budget)
  • One for brides over a certain age
  • One for second-marriages
  • etc…

For a real estate agent:

  • A first time buyers guide for a particular city
  • Purchasing your second home for families
  • A first time buyers guide for condo dwellers
  • etc….

That is probably the most impactful way to give it the vavoom you need.

But other things that DO matter are how it looks.

Make it look damn awesome! Don’t cheap out – just hire someone to make you a swell-as-f*** cover. And make sure they make it 3d or put in an ipad or computer or something.

And then make the document nice-looking too. It doesn’t have to be AS designed as the cover. But add a little color to it and at least SOME design elements to make it feel special.

So about that miscommunication I had with my Mentor about My lead magnet Idea

Here’s the thing.

Confidence definitely sells. But assuredness is even more powerful.

If you come across as uncertain or insecure no one will be excited about your idea no matter how good it is. Even if you think it’s that persons job to see the idea in it, most won’t.

I’m going to brag a bit and say that I would. But, most people aren’t like me!

So. When you present something to someone, and they’re not into it ask yourself “Did I present it properly? When they got confused did I go back and explain with a bucketload of enthusiasm until they finally did?”

If not, maybe it wasn’t your idea. Maybe it was your presentation of it. It’s definitely something to think about if this happens to you!

What’s next?

This is the fun part – going off and getting some work done.

If you don’t have a lead magnet go into any keyword tool and look for keywords related to what you do. Then, add your spin!

If you don’t come up with anything do a give campaign on any social media platform (youtube, facebook, linked in, instagram) and see what big questions are popping up for people.

Then create your page, start adding it to your footers and widgets, and even start posting or promoting it on social media to see what happens. If you got the right keyword and spin you will be very excited by the results.

And if it isn’t killing it right away, maybe you need to modify the “spin”, or how you’re presenting. Or perhaps whether or not you come off as an authority selling it (whhhooosh. Now that’s a whole other conversation!).

For now though, focus on some of the tactics and strategies I share in here about creating an awesome lead magnet.