Dive In!!! Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold With Branding On Your Site

My heart dropped… I couldn’t breathe.  And I’m sure my eyes were the size of coconuts.

Terror LITERALLY took over my body…

That was how I felt when a giant waved started hurtling towards me.

My desire to live knew what I had to do. But the overwhelming panic of having my head submerged under water said another thing.

You see, when I was about 10, I dove into the deep end of a pool. For just a moment I felt my head hit the bottom, and thought my lungs were going to burst before I made it to the top.

Ever since that day I’ve had a deep fear of putting my head under water.

Luckily, my instinct to live won out and, like a pro, I jumped through that wave and landed victorious on the other side. I was giddy!

That moment became one of the most important in my life. Not only has jumping through waves become one of my FAVORITE things to do.

It also taught me the sheer joy and satisfaction of overcoming my fears.

It showed me how important it is to take the plunge, no matter how scared I am in every area of my life. Including my business!

For example, it took me a long time to decide how to brand myself.

Deciding on my target market and changing the text on my homepage to reflect who I really am and who I can help the most made me feel like that scared young woman afraid to jump through a glorious wave.

I think I ate 18 chocolate bars and 5 bags of chips before I built up the courage to press Publish. (Not to mention all the back and forth before that).

But, just like jumping through that wave, I felt amazing after I did it…  and I tend to want to do it more and more!

Do you ever feel afraid of being bold and “out there” with your business? What do you need to take your website, and your branding to the next level?

Moving Forward

If, like me, you’re having trouble branding yourself all I can say is take baby steps.

Dive into a mini-wave so-to-speak.

If you’re fun-loving and quirky you don’t necessarily have to go all out. Add a fun color or cute font to your site. Or pick a background picture that is fun and playful, just like you!

And don’t be afraid to add a little personality to your content too. If you want to play it safe, be a bit more professional on your home page but have more fun with your blog posts. That’s what I do.