3 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Create A Powerful Brand

Last week, I was at the grocery store and bought some seeds for basil and oregano. It got me thinking about the rest of our garden – which is in disarray! 

Not because we can’t do it or are lazy. We are actually very motivated. It’s just that there are too many things to figure out and decide. 

For example…

  • The plants
  • The feeling
  • What’s suitable for our yard given the amount of sun it gets, the soil, etc. 

It’s kind of like branding in business, right?

  • There are the colours we like
  • The feeling we want people to have
  • And then there’s what THEY need it to feel like. 

Sometimes, it can feel like they’re all in competition with each other. 

Or maybe we can like too many things and end up feeling paralyzed by decision-making. 

If this is something you are struggling with you’ll want to watch the video or scroll below to read to learn about the 3 things that will help you understand how to create an unforgettable brand (without going bonkers in the process!). 

3 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Create A Powerful Brand – Bravely Branded

Branding Is Multi-Faceted – It’s Not Just Colors and Logos

I think most people, including you, are starting to realize that branding goes beyond the visual. 

Branding is essentially the essence that inspires the visual, positioning, and experience people have when connecting with you or your brand. 

So think about that garden – what is it that’s going to inspire the way it looks and feels when people are inside it? 

Next week, I will talk about the 3 parts of branding, so come back for that if you want to know more! 

Brand Story Isn’t Really A “Story.”

The idea of “brand story” confused me for the longest time. 

It’s not really a story like “I started here, went there, bought that, experienced this and all that stuff that we normally think of when we think of stories. 

YES. That’s part of it. 

But it’s not ALL of it. 

In a couple of weeks, I’ll share what Monte Don, Britain’s favourite gardener, taught me about branding and storytelling. 

I’m excited about this episode! 

You and Your Brand Are One – And YES, It’s Freekin’ Complicated

As a creator, coach, or freelancer, you’re a PERSONAL brand, which is so much more complicated than people realize. 

You’re kind of like a plant. 

If you aren’t in the right garden, you won’t bloom into your full potential.  

There IS a garden that’s perfect for you. 

Now What?

For now, just make sure you like my Youtube Channel so that you get notified when I post my next episodes.

So stop trying to bloom somewhere that is making it impossible for you to be your best. Or makes it hard for people to even notice that you’re there. 

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