The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Sales Funnel Design

If you’re struggling to get more sales and leads and you’re pretty sure that the issue isn’t your offer or positioning, then this video is for you! 

This is an issue almost everyone I talk to struggles with. 

People have a great offer, their niche is tight, and they understand their ideal client perfectly. 

BUT… they’re still not succeeding.

First of all, there are so many reasons this could be happening. Especially if you’re running ads. 

But what most people do is redo copy, re-think their entire product, and … basically go back to the drawing board. 

And yes, sometimes that’s necessary.

But, I have found that just often, it’s a waste of time. OR, that alone won’t fix the problem.   

The REAL problem is often something that makes it hard for people to READ your copy! 

What is it? >>> DESIGN. 

Design is so much more powerful than people realize. 

So, if you want to avoid re-writing everything, starting over, or falling into an existential crisis for no reason, keep reading.

Watch the video or scroll below to get a quick breakdown of the 5 biggest mistakes people make with sales funnel design. 

No Images Of You, Or Poor Quality Images

People hate sharing pictures of themselves because they hate their photos OR think they’ll come off as self-involved if they plaster it all over the place. 

So… I’m not suggesting that you plaster it all over the place. BUT, you should include at least one high-quality picture of yourself on your sales pages.

The Selfie Upgrade course might help you with this!

Too Much Text

When writing a sales page or landing page, it can be hard to decide what to say. There is just so much TO say!

But, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that “the less you say, the more people hear.”

This can also be an issue of how you structure the text. Including sections, bullets, and other elements that help the eye flow through the page are essential.

Or it could be even more simple…

Hard To Read Text

It’s also possible that your text is too hard to read. Perhaps the rows, letters, or words are squished together.

Or maybe the font itself is hard to read. Specific colour combinations can make text hard to read. But so can different font weights. 

Poor Quality Product Graphics

People have to see and comprehend what they’re getting when they are shopping online – even when it’s a virtual product. 

If people can’t tell what a product will be like, or if the graphics are poor quality, they consciously or subconsciously assume that the product won’t be great. 

Inconsistency Between Ad and Sales Page

If you haven’t heard of “ad scent,” it’s time for you to go down the Google rabbit hole on this one.

The basic premise of this concept is that if there’s any friction between an ad (or whatever it is that people click on to find your page), people are more likely to be lost. 

So basically – the images, colours, and text should all be similar. 

This is why larger businesses could have a landing page for every single concept they have. 

Now What?

You have one of three options at this point.

  1. You can book a free consult with me to find out if the design is your problem. And if it is, what you can do about it.
  2. You can grab the Selfie Upgrade course
  3. You can open your emails from me this weekend to get the Fancy Funnel Kit

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